Damn Near FREE Liquor AT CVS -RUNNNNN!!!! – No Coupons Needed

Damn Near FREE Liquor AT CVS


Damn Near FREE Liquor AT CVS -RUNNNNN!!!!

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Thanks, Mariana

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26 thoughts on “Damn Near FREE Liquor AT CVS -RUNNNNN!!!! – No Coupons Needed

  1. Damn, our cvs stores don’t sell liquor just wine…Damn, Damn, Damn….by any chance are you willing to grab me some and I’ll send the money via PayPal for the costs your time and shopping? I’m trying to have an open bar for my wedding!!!

  2. Did you use coupons for this or was your store just having a sale? Also where are you located?

  3. It’s not the case in Louisville Ky. They laughed at me. But while I was there someone called and asked if they had the sale.

  4. Damn… You did that! Wish I had a CVS to run too. Unfortunately, CVS doesn’t sell liquor here 🙁 Don’t drink it all at once. Lol. And take a shot of a Patron for me.

  5. Folks remember, not all CVS liquors offer the same clearance items. Just because it was on sale for him locally, doesn’t mean it will be near you. I know this first handedly.

  6. It was all sold out at my CVS. I live in Louisiana. We sell liquor in stores, hell, you can get it in a drivethru lol. I’m sick I missed this…S I C K

  7. Definitely a YMMV… KCMO is not on sale, but I’ll be watching. SN: Change your battery in the smoke detector. Gotta Keep the family and stockpile safe.

  8. I wouldn’t reply back when ppl are asking questions when they should watch the video he explains everything.

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