Free $10 Macy’s Gift Card

Macy's gift card

Free $10 Macy’s Gift Card

Click “Read More” for full details if viewing this from the home page

Download the Macy’s Star Gifts App from you smart phone or tablet
Open the App
Now Go to Macy’ from your computer or different device.
Put the word “Catalog in the search bar
Click On the “Best Brand Book” Catalog (Pictured Below)

Screen Shot 2013-11-08 at 1.24.42 AM
Point your device to the 2nd page or (the pic below)

macy's star gift app

A red gift will pop up, Click on the gift and a video will play.
After you watch the video follow the instructions


Click on “Get $10 Digital Gift Code Now

Screen Shot 2013-11-08 at 2.42.02 AM

Fill out the info and a text will be sent to the number provided.

Hit the back button and reenter your info and it will send you a 2nd code.

The limit is 2 per phone

Thanks, Masked_Morgan

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59 thoughts on “Free $10 Macy’s Gift Card

  1. hey if we get more than one code can we them all in the same transaction online or do i have to do multiple orders?? just asking cause shipping is high at $9.95

    1. Yes but the cashier has to call the manager over and they can use coupon codes. Right now there is one vetday where you get up to 20% off.

  2. Could you use the mobile gift cards to purchase a printable gift card from macy’ and then use it in store?

    1. I just did it online and it lets you use the mobile gift card to make the purchase. I have to wait up to 24 hours to process so we will see if I actually get it. Seems like you can do it more than two timesโ€ฆโ€ฆbut I will wait to see if I get my first printable before I decide to โ€œwasteโ€ the next two mobile gift codes I got. Sorry, this is my first time on the forum and I did not realize you could reply directly. You’ll see this answer again.

      1. I also tried to purchase some gift cards with the mobile codes and got cancellation emails. The mobile codes were refunded, so I still have the full $10 value on them. I’m gonna try to order some regular merchandise and do store pick up, so that there is no shipping costs. Hopefully these orders go through properly.

        1. How do you select a store for in store pickup. when i click the “store button” it says “in store availability” and doesnt select

          1. i called macys customer service. the only store that does instore pickup is in washington. UGH

  3. @greg, I just did it online and it lets you use the mobile gift card to make the purchase. I have to wait up to 24 hours to process so we will see if I actually get it. Seems like you can do it more than two times……but I will wait to see if I get my first printable before I decide to “waste” the next two mobile gift codes I got.

  4. I did it twice and got 2 codes but they have the exact same code number. Will both of them work? I used 2 different email addresses.

  5. I’m doing everything you say, and mine doesn’t pop up with the $10 GC option, just a ‘Watch Video’, ‘Shop Star Gifts’ and a ‘Shop (brand name)’….grr

  6. You can only use 5 gift codes in one transaction! So far I have had 8 cards sent to my phone.

  7. I’m just trying to open the app and it says “Unfortunately, Macy’s Star Gifts has stopped” and makes me hit “ok”. Is their app overloaded with too much traffic.

  8. Have you reach 10 gc to your self cause I have but I have been waiting on someone to send me two and its has not came throught yet.

  9. I did 2 transactions this morning and both before 1p.m. and I hope they don’t cancel my orders because IG followers are stating that they have orders that have been cancelled.

  10. How long does it take for the codes to come, I haven’t gotten anything yet

  11. What if you purchase something online but pay for the difference if I use 4 gift cards, are they stil canceling the orders?

  12. I Got A kitchenaid Food Processor Marked With Taxes At 212.00 For $11.99 After Work. Thanks Gregg, Good Looking Out ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. How long does it take to receive a code? It says they are verifying my info but no code long does it take to get the text with the code?

  14. IM still waiting for my codes and its been over an hour! I used different emails each time and still nothing. I think I have missed out on this deal ๐Ÿ™ oh well there will be others!

  15. This offer was cancelled because selfish people figured out a way to get multiple gift cards, instead of the “one per customer” that it states. So, the whole offer was cancelled. They ruined it for everyone.

    1. Macys shouldn’t let you put in 5 gift card numbers if they don’t want you to use them. I feel it’s completely macys fault and they should honor all orders that were “not” right.

      1. It’s your fault if you try and trick the system. The reason they’re getting cancelled is because it says “one per customer”. A store should never have to honor something that is considered scamming. If you go into the store they will honor one gift card. Associates will be notifying other associates if they have a customer trying to use multiple codes and it will definitely not be honored.

  16. My friend used 5 gift cards and got her boots for $20. They were shipped
    I placed my order 2 hrs after she did ( on Friday) and the promo glitch was already caught. It let me put my 5 gift card numbers in but my order was cancelled.

  17. yes Macy’s has canceled the promotion, from what I’m hearing from my management they had a set budget but many people where getting $100-$700 in gift cards by using multiple mobile devices. The store computers don’t have a limit so we had to honor all of them as if they where actual gift cards.

  18. i put 3 different orders in. Mine were not cancelled. I have tracking numbers on all 3 AND they have all shipped ๐Ÿ˜€

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