Dial NutriSkin Lotion Only $0.39 At Walgreens

My favorite Doc, Dr. Tiffany  let me know that select Dial lotions were ringing up for $1.99 At her local Walgreens. I check my local Walgreens and they were $1.89.

  • Dial NutriSkin Dry Skin With True Aloe 21 oz
  • Dial NutriSkin Sensitive Skin 21 oz
  • Dial NutriSkin Soothing 21 oz
  • Dial NutriSkin Firming 21 oz
  • Dial NutriSkin For Men 21 oz

Here’s how the deal will work

Buy A Dial Lotion Listed Above $1.89 (Prices My Vary)
Use $1.50 off any ONE (1) Dial Lotion product
Pay $0.39
Some stores don’t have them  tagged so be sure to have the cashier scan them to verify the price

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4 thoughts on “Dial NutriSkin Lotion Only $0.39 At Walgreens

  1. Thanks for the heads up, Greg. I will go tonight and try to get these and that ever-elusive diabetes coupon booklet! Love to see your updates in my in-box. Happy new year to you and your family!

  2. Thanks for the video, I ran to my walgreens and snatched up 8 bottles n used 1 dollar off coupons 🙂 I’m trying to learn how to work them like I’ve learned to work CVS

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