Get 1000 Points From Viggle From Capital One Commercial


Check into the Capital One commercial  below for 1000 Viggle points. Viggle has really been giving us some good points lately. If you are unfamiliar with Viggle Click HERE for more details.

Thanks, Claudia

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  1. Johana says:

    I’m new to viggle and just did the 1000 points for capital one while at work. Is there other youtube commericals that count towards viggle that I can check into now to get points?

  2. There is a 1000 pt Dove woman commercial check in during 2 Broke Girls tonight

  3. Thanks So Very Much!!!GregthatDude

  4. Ravoni says:

    Thanks Greg!! You always on top of it!!!

  5. I’ve tried this and I got nothing so I asked viggle and was told thay don’t give points for vids if thay don’t air it on the app. You plus 1000 not real wtf

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