Trifo Emily Robot Vacuum Only $48.30 (Was $190)!

Wow! This is a crazy good deal for a robot vacuum! You can get this Trifo Emily Robot Vacuum for just $48.30 (was $190)!

Get your Trifo Emily Robot Vacuum HERE


  • Emily Efficient Robot Vacuum is smart, efficient, powerful, and really loves to clean. With smart sensors and 2,500 Pa of suction power, she cleans up to 3 times faster than most random navigating robot vacuums.
  • Smart Navigation: 3X faster than most random navigating robots. Smart sensors enable Emma to clean efficiently and effectively, moving around your home with confidence.
  • Scheduled Clean: Longer main brush and six-claw side brush create a much wider cleaning path and quicker work of any room. A larger dustbin makes less-frequent emptying.
  • Pumped Up Power: 2X the suction power (2500Pa) of most other robot vacuums. Perfect for picking up all the dust, crumbs, pet hair, and more in a single pass.
  • Marathon Cleaner: 110 minutes runtime. Automatically returns to her docking station to prepare for the next job.
  • Home App-Enabled: Schedule cleaning. Review previous cleaning tripes. Adjust suction power. One-tap cleaning. Alexa-controlled.

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