Rechargable Hand Warmers Only $9.99!

Keep your hands warm while you’re out and about this Winter with these Rechargable Hand Warmers. We found these for just $9.99 in orange and black!

Get your Rechargable Hand Warmers HERE

These rechargeable hand warmers also double as a handy power bank, so you can charge your devices on the go. They also comes with a built-in flashlight to provide a reliable illumination source and a digital LED display to check the current heat level and the remaining power. The single/double side heating options, providing a total of 8 heating modes, whether you need a gentle warmth for everyday use or a high heat blast to combat freezing conditions. Slip them into your pockets or bags and take our pocket warmers with you wherever you go, for traveling, watching games, baseball tournaments, hunting, golf, fishing, hunting, camping, skiing, waiting for the bus and more.

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