eufy Clean L50 SES Robot Vacuum Only $198 (Was $499)!

If you’ve been looking for a robot vacuum, this is a great deal for Black Friday! Get this eufy Clean L50 SES Robot Vacuum for just $198 (was $499)!

Get your eufy Clean L50 SES Robot Vacuum HERE


  • Up to 60 Days Hands-Free Cleaning: Dust and debris are automatically sealed in a large dust bag designed to last up to 60 days before replacing
  • 4,000 Pa Ultra-Powerful Suction: Up to 4,000 Pa of suction tackles everything from dust to crumbs for deeper cleaning
  • Precise i-Path Laser Navigation: Precisely map your home with advanced LiDAR, which detects objects to effortlessly clean around them
  • Customizable AI. Map™ 2.0: Customize your cleaning experience by selecting rooms to clean, No-Go Zones, and multi-floor mapping
  • Boost-IQ™ Technology: Automatically increase suction power for different surfaces for maximum cleaning efficiency
  • Fast Mapping: In fast mapping mode, L50 SES can scan and build a map of 2,000 ft² in just 15 min that can be easily customized with the eufy Clean app
  • Child Lock: Keeps curious children and pets safe by preventing them from accidentally turning on and activating L50 SES
  • Special Pet Hair Pickup Intervals: Set an exclusive auto-empty mode during pet shedding season. L50 with self-empty station will automatically return to designated locations every 30 to 60 min to collect pet hair, dander, and dust

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