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Dollar General: Get $65.00 In Household/Cleaning Products For ONLY $18 – All Digital Coupons

Dollar General: Get $65.00 In Household/Cleaning Products For ONLY $18 – All Digital Coupons

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Buy 1 Tide Laundry Laundry Detergent $5.50
Buy 2 Snuggle Scent booster 30 ct or Liquid Fabric Softener 58-60 Loads 2 for $6.00
Buy 1 Snuggle Dryer Sheets 40 ct. $2.00
Buy 1 Charmin Essentials 6 Giant Rolls $3.75
Buy 1 Clorox Bleach 121 oz or Splashless 116 oz. $3.75
Buy 1 Pine Sol 40-60 oz. $3.00
Buy 1 Clorox Toilet Bowl Cleaner 2 pk $3.50
Buy 1 Clorox Clean-Up Spray or Scentiva Spray 24 oz. $2.50
Buy 4 Clorox Wipes 33-40 Ct $2.50 Buy 3 Get One FREE
Buy 1 Bounty Paper Towel 6 Rolls $4.95
Buy 1 Bounty Basic Paper Towel 6 Rolls $4.95
Buy 2 Febreze One Starter Kits $5.00
Buy 1 Febreze Air Air Freshener $3.00
Buy 1 Mr Clean Multi-Purpose Cleaner 40 oz. $2.50
Total $62.90
$10 will come off instantly for spending $30 in select cleaning Products
$2 will come off instantly for spending $12 in febrile products
New Total $50.90
Load Digital Coupons HERE
Use $15 of $50 Dg Digital Coupon
Use $2.00 Tide Digital Coupon
Use $2.00/2 All or Snuggle Digital Coupon
Use $1.00 Snuggle Digital Coupon
Use $1.00 Charmin Essentials Digital Coupon
Use $0.50 Off Clorox Bleach Digital Coupon
Use $0.50 Off Pine-Sol Digital Coupon
Use $0.50 Clorox Toilet Bowl Cleaner Digital Coupon
Use $0.50 Clorox Clean-Up Spray or Scentiva Spray Digital Coupon
Use $1.00 Bounty Digital Coupon
Use $1.00 Bounty Basic Digital Coupon
Use $4.00 Off 2 Febreze One Starter Kit Digital Coupon
Use $1.50 Febreze Air Digital Coupon
Use $1.00 Mr Clean Digital Coupon
Pay $18.40

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16 thoughts on “Dollar General: Get $65.00 In Household/Cleaning Products For ONLY $18 – All Digital Coupons

  1. Greg, I was wondering if what I read was true and being done—that paraphrasing that we are no longer being able to have the cashier subtotal before anything else.
    Is this true ? I BELIEVE I read it in an email I got from Coupon News.

    1. I’ve tried but it came up to 32.79 with a subtotal of 28.30 so idk 😐 all my coupons was in the cart

  2. Try doing the $3.00 of $15.00 Survey on every receipt dollar general gives you has a survey. Have the cashier scan the email that the survey keep on comes in first then do your digital coupons next.

  3. I just tried this deal and came out with a subtotal of 21.04. I had an added .75 from a substitution I had to make due to not having one item. I think the $2/$12 Febreze discount didn’t come off on my transaction.

  4. Are you sure the 10 off 30 for cleaning supplies came off? Because mine didn’t. I was told not all promos were at every store.

  5. I just tried it and it was no where near were the total should have been. It did not take off the $10 off of $30 for cleaning products and I don’t think the $15 off of $50 came off because my total was $37.80

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