Dollar General: ALL Laundry Detergent Only $1.16 With Fresh At Home Promotion

All Laundry Detergent

Dollar General: ALL Laundry Detergent Only $1.16 With  Fresh At Home Promotion

Dollar General Fresh At Home Promotion
Save $5 Instantly When you Spend $20 on Participating brands At Dollar General

Dollar General Fresh At Home Promotion

1/5/14 – 1/11/14

Buy 6 All Laundry Detergent 50 – 60 oz. $3.50 Each
Total $21.00
$5.00 Will be deducted from the register
Use (3) $3/2 All Product, exp. 2/16/14 (RP 01/05/14 )
Or (3) $2/2 All Laundry Detergents, exp. 1/19/14 (RP 12/08/13)
Or (6) $1/1 All Product, exp. 2/16/14 (RP 01/05/14 #2)
or (6) SAVE $1.00 on any ONE (1) all® product.
or (3) SAVE $2.00 on any TWO (2) all® laundry detergents. (Excludes trial size.)
Pay $7.00
Final Price: $1.16 Each

Update: Check out the updated post to make this deal work out successfully HERE 

Dollar General registers can act weird when using a coupon such as $1/2. $2/2 Etc.  Usually the registers will only accept one so if this happens have the cashier to start the transaction over and let the cashier scan 2 bottles of detergent and hand him/her a coupon. Continue the process until the end of the transaction.

Other Participating brands in the Fresh At Home Promotion

U Ky Kotex
Scott Brand
Hellmann’s or Best Foods Mayonnaise 30 0z.

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11 thoughts on “Dollar General: ALL Laundry Detergent Only $1.16 With Fresh At Home Promotion

  1. Ok just did it in Memphis and it worked but…I had to go peel the 5$ promotion sticker off the shelf, cashier thought the 5$ register coupon for the Saturday deal was it. Got that straight them she told me every coupon states one per purchase so i had to school her then she couldn’t get the register to accept even one of my 3$/2. She manually took 1.50$ off each one. I got the deal but had to work for it.

    1. Please school me on the one coupon per purchase so I’ll know what to say when I go to DG.

  2. My Dollar General Store did not accept my coupons. I tried to buy 6 bottles and the total went down from 21 to 16 dollars but after that she would not accept any of my coupons. The cashier said that it was because they were on clearance! They were on sale not clearance!

  3. My dollar general stated that the 5 dollars would not come off unless we were at $20 after coupons! Anyone else have this problem?

    1. Not true, I watched her scan my soap then the $5.00 came off and she manually took $2.00 of 3 bottles and then manually took $1.00 off the other 3 bottles, she did it automatically and knew what she was doing.

  4. Today I went to the Dollar General today. Put the six All on the counter, cashier rang it up, the $5 came off, then I handed her my internet coupons and she refused to take them. Said they were not allowed to accept internet coupons. I’m done with Dollar General.

    1. BK, next time this happens…request to see their ‘Coupon Policy’ (…or take a copy with you). Also, contact the store or other stores in the area to find out the name of the District Manager…if the problem ever occur again, contact the DM while in the store. I had a similar issue regarding the ‘internet coupons’. The store mgr. stated that she could not accept ‘internet coupons’, because it was printed in black & white instead of in color (…printing in color defeats the purpose of saving). Anyway, I requested to see their coupon policy, indicating that coupons had to be printed in ‘color’. She read the CP and realized that she had to accept the coupons and that I was not taken her at her word. Most often, they will tell you anything (hoping that you just walk away)…never expecting that you’ll challenge them. Request to see it in WRITING!!!

      1. I did read the coupon policy online and it didn’t say they couldn’t take them. What it did say was that they won’t take photo copies coupons (I don’t know they even know because photocopy can be printed, too) or they won’t take coupons without a scan bar or that won’t scan. They didn’t even try..they just immediately said they won’t take internet coupons. I think the qualification to work at the dollar general is that you gotta have a fourth grade education. It’s pathetic the people they get to work there and I’m not saying that to put down people who aren’t educated because my father in law finished the 7th grade and he had his own successful business. The cashier at dollar general are so mean!

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