DEAD – Tons Of Super Cheap Items At Walmart, Treadmills, Kids Power Cars, And More

WalmartNot sure how long this will last buy tons of items are super cheap at I keep updating the list as people find new items. Keep Checking back every few minutes

Gold’s Gym StrideTrainer 310 Elliptical $33.16

Proform 505 CST Treadmill $33.16

Kid Motorz Mercedes Benz G Class 12-Volt Battery-Powered Ride-On, Silver $29.99

Kid Motorz other ride on cars 

GP Percussion 3 Piece Complete Drum Set  $14.98

Letter Train & Piano Activity Table $7.64

26″ Schwinn Meridian Adult Tricycle in Cherry, Blue, or Silver $29.97

Allen Sports SST1 Steel 1-Child Jogger & Bicycle Trailer, Blue $29.97

Remington D3090 Damage Protection Hair Dryer $2.36

Red By Kiss Professional Pressing Comb $2.36

Red by Kiss Ceramic Tourmaline 0.5″ Flat Iron $2.35




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31 thoughts on “DEAD – Tons Of Super Cheap Items At Walmart, Treadmills, Kids Power Cars, And More

  1. Tried to, they must have already found out about it bc I try to go to cart it says the site is down for maintenance. Damn those were great deals too

  2. If anyone was able to snatch up the pink Camaro or Hummer please let me know I will buy it from you.

  3. Just went to Walmart and called they said none of these deals are for real.Now they shut their system down for maintenance because too many people are calling.

  4. I ordered the train table, 2 lego tables, 2 elipticals, the Batman play set by fisher price, the star wars play set by fisher price, and the drums. So far no cancellation emails. I REALLY want the bike now!

  5. Another site just posted that the orders will be cancelled and that this was a price glitch. I wonder why this keeps happening to their website? It really is annoying.

  6. I called and they said it was an Early Black Friday deals. I go to check out and now its telling me my cart is empty….so who knows. If its Price Errors, they sure are having a lot of that!

  7. I was able to get a few powered ride ons: go kart, hummer h2, rockin’ rolloers boss chopper, kid motorz lil patrol and 4 scooters. I have 2 other scooters and 2 bikes on my trying to check out but it keeps thinking…I think im not going to be able to get it…Oh and walmart already took the money out of my account so they should honor the prices…!

  8. PEOPLE FYI IT WAS A GLITCH, DAM why the heck would anyone call and complain. Seriously all you do is help them stop the others from getting the deal. If you got it enjoy and if you did not well be ready for future deals. I did not get any but I’m happy other did. :0 keep it up Greg. GRACIAS

  9. I missed the deals but I sure wish ppl would stop calling to check prices. As someone else stated. This help them fix the glitch… Uggghhh 🙂

  10. Got a treadmill for $33.00 that retails on Pro Form for $578.!! Tried to go back and order more stuff but they have caught all of these mistakes…..thanks Greg!!!!

  11. No need to celebrate!! Went to pick up the items and the stores will NOT release them for that price…NO ONE WILL BE GETTING THE DEALS. I even have a receipt and they wouldn’t give me my purchased items. Now they have sent the credit back through paypal.
    Yes, they said it is a mistake. When other businesses make a mistake the honor it!!

    WALMART SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!

  12. I am looking on the walmart site but when I go to check out the reg, price shows up am I doing something wrong been trying all day the site was down early .

  13. I saw a story about this on the news last night. There was a glitch in their system so a lot of things were marked incredibly cheap. Walmart has said they will not be honoring anything that anyone purchased. People will be refunded their money and some will receive a 10.00 gift card. Sorry this did not work out for all of you. These would have been great deals for christmas!

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