Glad Trash Bags $0.82 – $1.37, Charmin $3.50, & Super Awesome Clearance At Dollar General

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Glad Trash Bags $0.82 – $1.37, Charmin $3.50, & Super Awesome Clearance At Dollar General

Check out the Video below for all the details

Glade Tall Kitchen Quick-Tie Trash Bags With Febreze Fresh Clean Scent $0.82- $1.37
Upc 01258778546

Charmin 16 Double Rolls $4.50 Clearance
$1/1 Charmin, double roll or (8) Mega roll+ P&G Insert 09/01/2013 (exp 09/30/2013)

Swiffer Wet Jet $9.00 Clearance
$5/1 Swiffer WetJet or SweeperVac, starter kit P&G Insert 09/01/2013 (exp 09/30/2013)

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19 thoughts on “Glad Trash Bags $0.82 – $1.37, Charmin $3.50, & Super Awesome Clearance At Dollar General

  1. Glad trashbags with that upc was $2.75 each at my DG Market. There currently on sale for $4. :^(. I’m going to try a regular dollar General.

  2. “HAHAHAHAH Look I cant yall I just cant I do math all day long!” LOL i LOVE IT THANKS!!

  3. thanks greg!!! i’m in oklahoma and one store had only one of the trash bag 40ct it was 1.37 and another store had the TP but it came up as 9.00 didn’t feel like arguing so i left it but i did get a couple of the cups 0.63, 2 tone flip top small bottles 0.50 2 tone flip top large bottle 0.75, small handled carry bucket 0.93, print bucket 0.50 ooh and i got 6 of the wetjets. again thank you so much!!! keep doing what ur doing!!!

  4. Thanks Greg for sharing. I am a new couponer and everything you post is such a great help!

  5. There are three Dollar Generals rather close to my house and I checked all three for the deals. First DG was a strikeout. Everything was regular price. The second DG had the trash bags for $2.75 and I found an almost free Garnier moisturizer. (Clearanced for $4.20. Half off that and then used a $2 off any Garnier moisturizer coupon.) I needed this! This is the product I use and just ran out. The third DG is where I found the TP on clearance but not the trash bags (I also got another Garnier but it was five cents cheaper. Yay!) I also got Smores cereal for $1.13 a box.
    I visited a fourth DG and found all of the above including the trash bags for $1.37. I also got (2) one gallon Hawaiian Punch for $1.13, Cheerios Medley Crunch for $1, and some type of hatbox thingies with Paris scenery for .50, .75, and $1. (Depends on size.) I figured my girls would like these.


  6. I live in PA can someone please tell me the deal or post pics on the TP please!!!!

  7. I live in Baltimore and I went to 4 stores looking for the TP and TB and none of them had them, but what I don’t understand is how, each store can have different sales, one had the 50/50; another had only 25% and one didn’t have anything clearanced at all…can someone explain that when they are only a few miles apart

  8. I found the trash bags but the cashiers seemed like they didn’t want to let me out the store. One cashier said $1.37 for this. I said yep. She said I’m going to check. I said if they had more do u think I would be buying 1!

  9. The LAst CHance section has Oxyclean Maxforce pretreater Gel Sticks marked $2 with 50% off =$1 and I used a 50 cent coupon=50 cents!

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