Kmart Store Manager Called Me a Criminal and Told me I was Committing a Federal Crime

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Kmart Store Manager Called Me a Criminal and Told me I was Committing a Federal Crime

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39 thoughts on “Kmart Store Manager Called Me a Criminal and Told me I was Committing a Federal Crime

  1. Does the sign at KMart actually list his last name or at least last initial? I’d be curious to actually find him from the show and also see if he was one that committed fraud ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. Has anyone actually been able to confirm he was on the show? I saw someone post something saying there was never a Joe… Just wondering if it’s something like his elbow was in a frame and he’s calling it his big break. LOL

  2. I just started couponing and had my first run in with rude cashiers that made me think about stopping–but after seeing you stand up for yourself this way–I’m def not going to stop now! Sorry for the way you were treated no one deserves that!

  3. Joe must be bombarded right now:). There was an 11 min wait and he hung up on me when I asked him for the return policy when a coupon is used on the receipt.

  4. I bet after FAMOUS jOE refunds a customer the price of the item minus the coupon tendered….he doesn’t give the amount of the coupon plus whatever extra the store receives for accepting the coupon back to the manufacturer.

  5. I hate to say this but it is true, he sounds like a big headed white guy thinking he is better than you and he mentioned being on the show several times and thinks he is someone special now, I thought he told that woman on the phone that you get your refund minus the coupon which isn’t right, they still get the money from the coupon, of course they won’t be able to return that coupon, I do hope this Joe is feeling the pressure for how he treated you, he should NOT be a manager, maybe now he will know who You are and have your own website so you know your stuff more than he does, btw I am a white woman and had the opposite experience with black security guard, she thought she got herself a white girl and was so proud to treat me like a criminal so I know how you feel. He could learn alot about couponing from you. It would be nice if corporate did something to him, I wouldn’t go in that store if I were down there. And keeping the coupon from returns should be against the law, he is benefitting from coupons unfairly, alot of stores do this, what can we do about that.

  6. Also it wouldn’t surprise me if he helps himself to the coupons he likes at the end of the day, what a way to get all you want, the company should educate him on federal crimes before he goes accusing customers in front of other customers, I will contact corporate myself and ask them how they can have their managers accuse a customer like that and humiliate someone for just trying to return a little bottle of detergent, instead of a tv or something like that, sorry to hear you went through this you federal criminal you, lol, what a joke this manager is.

  7. Helped you out with a post to Kmart’s FB page. Prob won’t take long though for it to get sensored out.

    1. Kmart posted back to me that the coupons must be followed according to manufacturer requirements. This really isn’t a coupon issue, IMO.

  8. I had Walgreens manager trying to refuse to refund my coupon price on a returned item. I asked for the coupon back then. he said no money was paid I said coupon was a form of tender. He refused. I was adamant to get coupon back, conveniently they were already mailed to the manufacturer.and he rolled his eyes and said I will do it this one time. This world is in anarchy. Rules are made up for a reason and managers are refusing to follow them and should be fired. we need to start video taping these people.

  9. Here was my complaint to Kmart.

    I am posting this because what he went through is not uncommon. Yesterday I visited my Kmart in gastonia nc and my coupons did not double. When they scanned my first coupon and saw it not doubling I asked why, the cashier said, we don’t double coupons. I told her they do so she asked the cashier beside her and her response was, if it is suppose to it will. So she continued with my transactions and when I was almost finished there was a problem and they had to call the lady from Customer service over. I proceeded to ask her why my coupons were not doubling and she had no idea said to bring it over when I was done. So I took my buggy of things over and a man (his badge said electronics manager on it) was at customer service with her. He tells me I was to spend $25 before they double. I was unaware of this and did a couple different transactions but could have spent $25 in one with no problem. I asked him why was I not told this when I asked. He just shrugged his shoulders. I explained to him that I lost $19.50 due to the fact that the cashiers were uneducated on the policy and that I should not be penalized for this. He said he would do nothing. I asked for the store manager twice. He ignored me the first time and the second then offered me a $10 store card. I said no I paid in cash. I said I will work with you , put my whole $19.50 on a store card, and he said no. So I finally got the store manager there and the man walked away. I explained to him and he told the customer service lady to fix it and take care of me. So my thought is I am getting my $19.50 back in cash as it should have been since I paid in cash. But no, the phone rings and it is the first man, the girl tells him the manager said to take care of me and he tells her not to give it to me in cash to put it on a card (although the manager DID NOT say to do so). So I have spent almost 40 minutes haggling with their error and I get a store card that I now have to take and go try to figure out what else to get since Kmart is not that local to me. I think the whole situation is ridiculous and that no one should be treated that was nor embarrassed the was I was. I purchased a large amount of higher dollar items yesterday and did use coupons but it was not like I got the stuff free! I personally think Kmart should educate their people and take responsibility for the time, aggravation and humiliation customers endure such as myself.

  10. Posted on 3 different Kmarts sites and 2 different Sears and Canada’s Sites ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. best idea yet, I am sure he will love that, hopefully he won’t be there long, I can’t imagine a jerk like that being employed there too long with all this, what company wants a manager who falsely accuses a customer of committing a federal offense in front of other customers, or seeing how this manager treats customers, people talk and that kind of thing would keep people from shopping in that store with employees like him. The sooner his picture and full name can be posted the better.

    1. im not sure but dont think so..the article at the top says he lives in willoughby heights which is a suburb of cleveland oh,.,i dont see a date on this so couldnt verify that..only greg could look at verify if its him or not..

  11. Wow you have made an impact! Your video is all over the Kmart facebook page! (My post of this is too!)

    1. Lol. I understand and wholeheartedly agree. I was just asking cuz Joe may have also felt the product was purchased to fulfill a requirement and now it was being returned. Come on, two palmolive’s, two different receipts could cause a manager to raise his brow. Although, I don’t see why Joe would even care since the store is going to make its money regardless.

      1. The store doesn’t always get reimbursed for coupons because coupons are not always valid or sometimes fraudulent, in cases like this, the manufacturer does not reimburse the retailers. And the store actually loses money if they refund you more than what one actually paid out of their pocket to the store for the item.

  12. Don’t think that guy will want to be messing with you again,lol, I feel bad for the wrong joe on fb, I bet he is getting alot of bad messages about all of this, I do hope we can get the real joe soon so we can proceed.

  13. Hes not supposed to assume the role of a criminal or private investigator his job was to serve a customer not make allegations,ASSumptions,or threats. Bet he learning something now lol Jmo.

  14. lol I just started following this blog (nice deals for Dollar General btw) and I tried going to a Kmart, when I went in I thought right away that no one looked like they knew what they where doing and I was concerned about even trying to use my coupons.

    I posted the link on my fb page along with a quite a few others I see, I really hope that something can change, its a shame for companies to think its okay to treat customers so badly.

  15. Post a photo of your FULL receipt. I suspect you have an overage and you wanted to return the items to get that overage back as cash.

    1. I’m not accusing of anything wrong on GregThatDude’s part but I’ve been questioning why the two identical items were on two different receipts and the reason for him wanting to return both items. Were those 2 items used to perhaps help reach a minimum purchase subtotal to qualify for a gift card with purchase or a percentage/dollar amount off the entire transaction? Or did he find the items somewhere else cheaper? Usually extreme couponers don’t do returns (or a whole lot of them) because the idea of extreme couponing is to save money, not run back and forth to the store doing returns and using more gas which costs money. Lastly, although you have the right to return, the store has a right to refuse the return if they suspect you are returning to profit off of the store.

      1. There is a group that work as a team near where I live. They go into stores and one group will buy things with coupons and then take them outside hand them off to the other members who then go directly back into the store to make a return w/out a receipt. They then get cash or gift cards and go to the next retailer in the area. AP at a couple of stores has caught on and is waiting to get enough evidence to prosecute them.

  16. I agree with Joe the store manager something is not right with this transaction. Post the full receipt. Double dipping or buying the Palmolive to meet the minimum requirement to get a deal. This is what ruins it for honest people.

  17. Kmart
    Hi Olga – If Greg posts his complaint on our wall, we would love to assist.
    Like ยท 3 ยท Tuesday at 4:50pm

  18. The assistant managers there are pushovers yay for joe for standing up for what is right !! Dishonest people is what causes problems for us honest people!

  19. I have a friend that’s a manager at Target, you can return something you bought with a coupon and get the full value including coupons. However if you purchase domething with a coupon and intend to return it just so you can get full value back it then becomes a crime. Just thought I eould share he said” they have caught people doing and they have been arrested. Not saying this is the case here cause i love this site. Just something to think about.

    1. The term is theft by deception. However Target doesn’t give you cash back for your coupon value they put it on a gift card. So if you purchased something that is normally $10 and used a $2 off coupon you get $8 in cash and a $2 gift card. Some states, I believe WA is one, will require any company to refund, in cash. the value of any gift card under $5 if the owner of the card chooses.

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