Awesome Dollar General Haul 8/25

Dollar General Haul


Awesome Dollar General Haul 8/25

Check out the video below for details.

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3 thoughts on “Awesome Dollar General Haul 8/25

  1. I truly love your website. I think it’s great that you make time to do the videos. However…. for those of us that hearing impaired it doesn’t help me since I can’t hear. 🙁 Is it possible to type up what you did as well?

  2. You have absolutely great videos. I love the detail you provide. I am not a beginning couponer but I always learn something from your videos. I really wish I had Dollar Generals in my area. You blow my mind with how well you have everything figured out and explain it in a way we can understand. Videos are very helpful on the more complicated transactions. Keep the great deals and videos coming. Thanks for all your hard work in making it easier for the rest us to get great deals. Since I now have $7000.00 worth of medical bills to pay off I could not survive without my coupons. I also have medical insurance and still owe this much money. Without coupons we would be broke. Thanks again for all your posts and great videos.

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