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6 thoughts on “Awesome Target Haul

  1. Sorry u had to go through that. I don’t shop target for that reason. There’s always a issue.

  2. I did the same thing yesterday at Target.. with both Dove men and the Dove ” women”. ( I gave the mens products to my sons father).I also got Secret deodorant bonus packs.. The store also had Degree with the bonus pack for men and women.. There are coupons out for those also.. But with the degree you have to get two in order to get .75 off, which is not a good deal to me… The Dove and Secret where the deals for me.. The women’s bonus back included the trial size clinical protection, which is almost $3 alone, But it was on clearance..

  3. My target clearance sucks. Bonus pks body wash is $3.99! Bonus deodorant $3.38! It always sucks! But I guess 3 will be $11.97-6 in qs= $5.97 b4 tax so .97 after $5 gift card. Sigh. But better than nothing. No money makers for me.

  4. hey greg i follow you all the time thanks for encouraging me to coupon since a year ago seeing your post i started. im located in virginia and in my paper i didnt get the 2.00 off of dove can you show me a pic of the paper you got it out off so i can buy some . thanks alot

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