Fit Smart Simply Slim Free + $10 Money Maker At Walgreens

Starting 12/30

Fit Slim Simply Slim $10
Get Back $10 Register Reward

Some of the boxes have $10 coupons on the box making them free + a $10 Money Maker

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12 thoughts on “Fit Smart Simply Slim Free + $10 Money Maker At Walgreens

  1. now how exactly would this work would you use the 4 dollar coupon and peelie at the same time?

  2. I went to several Walgreens in the area. All of the peelies were gone!
    @ Jennifer the sale dosen’t start until Sunday 12/30/12

  3. How many of the Fit Slim deals can you do? Is it up to each Walgreens? Does it have to be seperate transactions in order to get the $10 RR? Thanks!!!

    1. you can get as many as you want but in order to get the RR you have to do separate transactions

  4. So, I guess I’m a bit late on getting the deal here. I went to my local Walgreens and I saw that there were no-more. The shelf was literally empty. So, I ask a worker and he says “yea, we got a lot more in the back. Let me go and ask my manager.” He comes back 2 min later and says .. leaning in, in a quiet tone, ” he says there’s no-more. ” and gives me this look. Cuz I’m sure he knows what that manager is doing is wrong, but since he is only an employee, he could not do anything to help me. He then proceeded to tell me in his own opinion that the deal was too good and the manager didn’t like it so he been lying to every customer that their “all out”. And then he tells me that only two was put out this morning. WTF??? Can managers really do that?!!

    1. In my area they just took all the peelies off I’m like are u serious I went to four store all the same issue so I’m sure it was a inside job

  5. Even if the peelies are all gone………use this item to ROLL your rewards!

    Transaction 1:
    Buy the prenatal vitamins and get $4 worth of “overage” and buy $4 worth of food or merchandise, use the $4 off coupon from the Walgreens booklet. Get a $10 register rewards.

    Tansaction 2:
    Use the $10 RR rewards to buy fitsmart purple box. Get $10 RR.

    Repeat again……….until you run out of merchandise or coupons.

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