Ratchet Dollar Tree Manager Attacks Lady For Using Coupons

I know sometimes it can be really challenging to use coupons in certain stores or certain parts of town but when the cashier comes from behind the counter to whoop yo ass for trying to save a couple of dollars then we have a serious problem. Couponers remember  your binder can also serve as a self defense tool when the cashier runs up on you.

Check out the video below and tell me what you think of the situation.

My Response

Thanks, Shad

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11 thoughts on “Ratchet Dollar Tree Manager Attacks Lady For Using Coupons

  1. She need to sue them! Get all she can. I strongly dislike Dollartree (former employee in corporate office). The let the most rude, disgusting and ignorant people run their stores.

  2. Everytime I go in there to get my papers I always make sure I get them for some free Olay soap with my coupons.

  3. That’s just STUPID CRAZY!!!! I think it’s funny that some employee’s think they are losing money when we use coupons. If they understood how they work – they would clearly see that they are not. And I think most of the time they just don’t want us couponer’s to get such a great deal on our stuff!

  4. This does not surprise me. Just this past week, I tried to use four of the same Olay coupons and one of the Hefty coupons for $1.50 off of two slider bags and was told that I couldn’t use them. The manager said that the Olay bar wasn’t the same as the one pictured in the coupon so I couldn’t use it (the coupon only excludes Simply Olay) and that the slider coupon couldn’t be used since it exceeded one dollar (even though it was for two products). I e-mailed corporate about it but haven’t gotten a response. I agree with the other commenters that it is a very difficult place to use coupons. If they are going to agree to accept manufacturer’s coupons then they should train their employees and then actually allow people to use them instead of each employee/manager interpreting what they think the policy is. Very frustrating…….Anyway, thanks Greg for the video and all the great tips! You are appreciated!! 🙂

    1. OMG, it sounds just like the ignorant manager who I spoke to. She refused to take the Hefty coupon because she said it exceeds the price of the item. After pointing it out to her for the 10th time that it was on TWO products, she looks at the coupon again and says that I couldn’t use the coupon because they do not carry the same product that is shown in the picture although the coupon clearly states ANY SLIDER BAGS 13 CT OR LAGER. Then she hands me a copy of Dollar Tree coupon policy, points to a picture in the policy and says very rudely like I was the dumb one: read this, so you can understand that we only go by the picture on the coupon. Then she walks out of the store before she gave me a chance to respond by telling her that she is the one who needs to read her policy because the section she pointed out it clearly states that they read the writing on the coupon and not the picture. And, on the next page it CLEARLY stated that they accept coupons over $1 if it is for multiple items.

      She figured out that she was the dumb one for not reading the coupon right and did not want to accept or apologize and was trying to find whatever excuse not to accept the coupon.

  5. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwee HECKKKK NAW,
    IM from Nashville TN AND BOO BOO…I Sure WOULDA BEEN
    My stack of coupons. THEN I WOULDA GOT ME ONE
    OF THEM DOLLA TREE BIBLES an them Cheap flowers they sell….and told
    This storr manager to R.I.P BABYYY!!!

  6. Ann:
    I finally got a call back from the district manager and he told me that the manager was mistaken and that both coupons should have been accepted. He talked to the manager and told me I shouldn’t have a problem. I ended up going to a different Dollar Tree close by and getting the slider bags (soap was all gone but was able to get it at Walmart for 97 cents aka free with $1 off MQ). I know it is so frustrating when you know that you are correct but the cashier/manager won’t listen. I hope you can have corporate straighten them out for you or go at a different time when more knowledgeable staff is on duty.

    1. what was the number you called? i have some problems with them not letting me use coupons. thanks

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