Kmart Clarification On P&G Deal and Doubling Coupons

I have received so many questions this week concerning Kmart so I made a video  answering everyones questions and concerns. If you have not been to Kmart yet,  go ASAP because they are giving away free P&G Products this week. Check out my previous Kmart post HERE  to get caught up to speed then runnnnnn to your nearest Kmart to and go HAMMMMMMMMMM!

Click “Read More” To Check Out The Video.

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4 thoughts on “Kmart Clarification On P&G Deal and Doubling Coupons

  1. Had the craziest experience at Kmart! They insisted that they do not double coupons…EVER! So I called customer care while standing in the store at customer service and they said that it was absurd and that all Kmarts double at least up to 5 coupons. So, the customer care rep called the manager at the store while i stood right there. Long story short, the manager said he would double my coupons and they must just be having an IT issue ( this is after they already told me that they do not double coupons and called 2 other stores in the area to confirm that they do not double coupons) So, when I went to the checkout, the system did automatically double my coupons….and they were all SURPRISED as they had not known that they double coupons….OMG…hellloooo? I was there for hours but did 3 total transactions, 2 $30 P&G purchases and then one completely free purchase with my last $10 crt and a bunch of Zest coupons….my balance ended up being -.65 cents on my last transaction. Thanks for this info Greg!

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