How To Print Coupons From Your iPhone,iPad, or Ipod Touch

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39 thoughts on “How To Print Coupons From Your iPhone,iPad, or Ipod Touch

  1. So I have an older hp printer it has wireless it’s the c5540 allinone can’t get anything to print help

  2. I have a wireless printer that I just bought about a month ago, it is hp. But i still cant print off my ipad?? What am I doing wrong

  3. Thanks for this. two people in my house want a hand held device and I was hoping I can print coupons from them. (dont judge me) Do you think I can print from a tablet or Kindle fire? We do have a hp eprint printer.

  4. Hi, i tried printing from my iphone, my printer shows up in the settings, but once I select print coupons I get an error message that says “No coupons in the cart are valid” Please help, what am I doing wrong?

    1. Have you been able to print any coupons at all. Try uninstalling the app then reinstalling it.

  5. I just bought a new HP laserjet pro 1102w, for some reason my app can not detect the wireless printer. the printer has eprint and airprint apps. i can print from my ipad just fine, but for some reason I can not print through the app. Help, if you have any ideas…

    1. I am also having the Same issue with the hp laser pro1102w printer and app. Please help me walk through the process.

      1. I also have this issue, I can print fine to the printer through any other app, but if I use the app says that it cannot see the printer.

          1. anyone figure this out? I have the HP laserjet p1102w and can’t get the app on my phone to find frustrating

  6. I just bought the same printer, having the same problem. I’ve called HP, I’ve called Apple and no one can seem to tell me why the app cannot find my printer. PLEASE HELP!!!

  7. I just bought a hp wireless printer from best buy and i cant print from my ipad it says my limit is reached and i havent even printed anything.

  8. Ok I have a canon printer it works for my apple lap top , but not for my iPad ? I don’t know what to do…

  9. Thank you so much. I have tried everything, I even paid for the ZipBroPro. I’m not even sure what that does. You have made my day!

  10. Do you know if there is a way to print coupons from safari, not using the app? I don’t have an HP printer. Would I need to download a printer app? Thanks in advance!

  11. is there an app available for printing coupons? i know that print n share is good for ipad and iphon e printing

  12. I keep trying to print from the app but it keeps sending me to print from my email? Help!!

  13. I hav 4 iphones and 3 ipads… And last night i printed fro my phone and 1 ipad…… And it printed.. But when i tired this morning it wont print from my other device….. It say limit reach…. But its from diffirent device…. Idk y.. Can u help me please ):

  14. Greg please figure out a way I can print from coupons. com using my galaxy 4 or my galaxy tab 3

  15. Can someone tell me which type of hp printer I need to print from ? I just bought a Canon not knowing I could only use a hp printer but now I’m hearing of there is only a certain hp printer that can be used for this. Someone please help me.

    1. There’s a few.. I have the laserjet pro, at first I wasn’t able to print, but after they updated their list. I’m able to print from my ipads, iphone, ipods now..aplep

  16. Hi Greg, I just bought an iPad and I’m trying to print on my hp wireless printer. I get the printing limit reached but I have never printed anything. Are you able to help?

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