*DEAD* Nasal Ease $3.00 Rebate = $8.00 Money Maker At Walgreens

The Nasal Ease deal has gotten even better.
In case your unaware of the current deal Nasal Ease deal click here
There is a $3.00 Mail-In-Rebate.

People are reporting that you can send in up to 10 rebates.

Thanks, yoli159

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3 thoughts on “*DEAD* Nasal Ease $3.00 Rebate = $8.00 Money Maker At Walgreens

  1. Should i send them seperately? It doesnt say one per household but i want to make sure….are people doing multiples by sending thrm serperate?

  2. Greg you might want to call the company yourself about this because there’s someone who sent here rebate forms in and showed that those forms are not real that deal was for last month just a heads up. Watch clipyourcoupons on Youtube

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