*HOT* Rite Aid: Bayer Meter $5.00 Money Maker

Rite Aid has all Bayer Blood Glucose Meters $10.00 Off.

Buy (1) Bayer Contour Meter $9.99
Use $10.00/1 Bayer Countour Meter (Rite Aid Diabetes Book)

Because the coupon is more then the item it will beep.
In order for the coupon to scan have the casher scan the Item first, 
Second, the coupon
Third, Your Wellness Card
Or the casher can just mark the coupon down to 9.99
Pay $0.00
Get a $5.00 +Up Reward
These also count towards the Diabetes program so if you buy (5) of them you will also receive an addition $10.00 +Up Reward

If you are not enrolled it the Diabetes program Click Here or have the cashier scan the barcode located in the rebate flier in the store

Thanks, Rshonda00

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