Brainstrong Toddler Money Maker At Walgreens

Brainstrong Toddler Vitamins have been marked down even lower at Walgreens.
They are now $4.29
Look for the Answers booklet locate in the vitamin aisle .
There are two Answers booklets.
 Look for the one pictured above.
Then grab Walgreens monthly coupon book located it the front of the store near the weekly sales flyer.
Use $3.00/1 Brainstrong Toddler Manufacture coupon (Answers Booklet)
And $5.00/1 Brainstrong Coupon (Walgreens Monthly Booklet)
The $5.00 coupon will adjust it self down to the price of the item.
You will have $3.00 in overage for each set of vitamins you purchase.
You will have to get other to items to absorb the overage because Walgreens does not give you the money and they will adjust down the coupon otherwise. 
Good Luck.

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