Self-Watering Pot Planter on Sale for just $25.50!!

Self-Watering Pot Planter on Sale

Easily keep your plants watered with this Self-Watering Pot Planter on Sale! Get this Carmeron 1 – Piece Self-Watering Pot Planter for just $25.50!

Ends 4/28

Get your Carmeron 1 – Piece Self-Watering Pot Planter HERE

Striking a familiar silhouette, this planter looks like a traditional ceramic pot but look inside and you’ll see the convenient self-watering system. It works by separating the potting mixture from the water, then letting the water slowly evaporate into the soil as needed. UV-stabilized and BPA-free, this planter is crafted from stain- and fade-resistant plastic for virtually maintenance-free performance. Option punch-out drainage holes complete the design. Inside a self-watering planter, the potting mix is held above the waterline by a sturdy screen. The water chamber is connected by a small porous channel filled with soil, which then acts as a wick. As water is used by the plant or evaporates from the surface of the soil, capillary action draws more water up from below. The soil has just the right amount of water all the time, but also maintains air pockets, which the plant roots need to stay healthy.

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