Dollar General: Smoking HOT Gain Laundry Deal – Its Gotten Better – All Digital Coupons


Check out the this weeks deal on Gain at Dollar General. This deal will be using all digital coupons so anyone can do this deal.

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There’s a promotion, Buy 1 Gain Flings or Tide Pods 25 ct or higher, 1 Downy Unstopable or Gain fireworks 9.7 oz, and 1 Downy 90 loads get $5 off instantly. It’s working in conjunction with the gain promotion.


Buy 1 Gain Liquid Detergent 69-75 oz. $7.95
Buy 1 Gain Flings 31 ct. $7.50
Buy 1 Downy Fabric Softener 90 loads $6.96
Buy 1 Gain Liquid Detergent 40 oz. $3.50
Buy 1 Gain Fabric Softener 48 loads or Dryer Sheets 105 ct. $3.50
Buy 1 Gain Fireworks 9.7 oz. $3.50
Buy 2 Febreze Air Gain Scented $3.00
Buy 1 Mr Clean Gain Scented $2.00
Total $40.91
$5 will come off Instantly for purchasing 3 select products
Use $5 off $30 Gain Scented Items Digital Coupon
Use $3.00 Off Gain Laundry Detergent 69 oz and above Digital Coupon
Use $2.00 Off Gain Laundry Detergent 50 oz and below Digital Coupon
Use $3.00 off Tide Pods or Gain Flings Digital Coupon
Use $300 Off 2 Febreze Products Digital Coupon
Use $2.00 off Gain Fabric Softer 48 – 50 loads Digital Coupon
Use $2.00 off In Wash Scent Booster Digital Coupon
Use $1.00 Off Mr Clean Digital Coupon
Use $2.00 Off Downy Digital Coupon
Pay $12.91
Possibly get back $5.00 off $5.01 Purchase Coupon
Final Price: $7.91 for all

Dollar General Digital COupon

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30 thoughts on “Dollar General: Smoking HOT Gain Laundry Deal – Its Gotten Better – All Digital Coupons

  1. im sorry you said it may give you the $5 back if tgey total it before dq and then you said you didnt get it when you dud that…can yoy explain what i it out prior dq or no?

  2. I went just now and my cashier refused to hit total before I put in my digital coupons. Some of my prices were almost $1 higher on a couple items but my subtotal ended up being $15.90. I did get the $5 off Catalina on my receipt though so $10.90 plus tax for 9 items wasn’t bad!

  3. I want to see if I understand this correctly. Should I enter my Digital Coupons before or after my cashier hits the ‘Total’ button? Thank you so much for taking the time to help us coupon on here and on YouTube.

  4. I just did the exact same deal and my total was $15.91. Just because each individual item was priced differently. Thank you Greg. This was so easy to follow and helpful

  5. I’m having a hard time finding the coupons. Is it because I did the one from Friday/Saturday?

    1. Yes you can! I did today! After they scan everything give them your $3/$15 coupon then digital coupons. My total was $9.90 and I also go the $5/$5.01 on my receipt.

  6. My total came up to be 15.80 only because the cashier told me the 5$ off coupon had to be printed and the 3$ survey coupon had to be printed off to. That sucks when it’s suppose to be digital. Other wise my total would have been 7.80$

    1. You couldn’t use the 3 off on this one. The 5 off should have been in your digitals account. The first isntant savings one would have come off after she hit total. Get on your account in browser and see what came off and what didn’t.

  7. Thanks greg did 2 transactions. The 1st time I didn’t get the downy because I over looked it n paid 15$ got back $5 the second transaction did it exactly like you posted still 15$ and got back 5$. Thanks! I think mines was more because of the store prices. Still a great deal👌🏾

  8. Hello, I went and my 5 off 30 didn’t work… And how do you know if you already use the coupon

  9. I did this today and also used my $3 off $15 and it brought my total down to $9.90!!!! I also got the $5 off $5.01 on my receipt!

  10. I did the deal 3 times; neither time did I receive the $5 coupon, but my first TWO times, my total came to $9.40 and $9.41. The third time, at a different store, my total would have been exactly like yours, but I had to pay .75 more for the Mr. Clean Spray because they were out of the $2 Mr. Clean. My total was 13.65. I’m still pleased though.

    1. I just realized that my third transaction was higher because I picked up the Tide Pods instead of the Gain Flings. Ughhh!!!

  11. Thank you so much Greg! I have always been scared of couponing. I imagined getting embarrassed at the register. I did this deal today and my total before taxes was $10.83!

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