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FREE Purina Busy Bone Dental Dog Treats At Dollar General

Purina Busy Bone Dental

FREE purina busy bone dog treats at dollar general

FREE Purina Busy Bone Dental Dog Treats At Dollar General

6/29 – 6/1

Buy 2 Purina Busy Bone Dental Dog Treats $2.75 – $3.00 (They rang up $2.75 Bogo)
Use FREE Purina Busy Package (7-oz. or smaller free when you buy any size), exp. 7/15/14 (SS 06/15/14)

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4 thoughts on “FREE Purina Busy Bone Dental Dog Treats At Dollar General

  1. Dear Greg, I just left DG and boy was it a struggle, I purchased 4 of the easy bones, price 2.75 each, they were B1G1 store sale and I had the b1g1 coupon, and the register tried to only take off $1.37 on one and $1.48 on the other. I had to fight with management to get them to honor their sale. Did your store do this and if not how do I prevent this in the future…TIA

    1. My coupons took off $3.00 each one scanned. When they scanned the coupon look on the credit card machine and thats were it shows how much the coupon took off,

  2. I went to one DG and they got the sale and coupons right then went to another one and i thought the first store made a mistake in my favor so as i was leaving i was looking at the ticket and saw were i didnt get the store b1g1 went back in and waited over an hr for them to try n figure out how to give me my money back and still couldnt do it. I will be going back today to talk to the manager.

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