$3 & $5 Nature Made Coupon is Null & Void and Stores Will Not Be reimbursed & CIC instructs Stores to No Longer Accept

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$3 & $5 Nature Made Coupon is Null & Void and Stores Will Not Be reimbursed  & CIC instructs Stores to No Longer Accept

Im sure many of you are familiar with the Nature Made $3 and $5 coupon that can be found in the Winter issue of  Walgreens  Diabetes & You Magazine. These coupons had the internet going  and made Nature MadeVitamins FREE + Money Makers At Walgreens  on several of occasions.

There has been so much controversy on this coupon since it hit the scene. People ran to the Walgreen’s Facebook page asking if the PDF version could be used and the person running Walgreens Facebook paged informed  concerned couponers that the PDF version could in fact be printed (If anyone has a screen shot please send to me)

Well now all hell has broken loose and the coupon is no longer valid (which is probally the reason why the coupon now says “Expired when scanned.

Winter Diabetes & You

Pharmavite LLC. has withdrawn the $3.00 and $5.00 off any Nature Made
coupons that were distributed exclusively in Walgreens’ “Diabetes & You” magazine
and associated website for Nature Made products sold at Walgreens stores.
Pharmavite LLC is taking this action due to unauthorized coupon redemptions at other
retailers; the unauthorized transfer of coupons; and the unauthorized reproduction of
the coupons on certain websites.

Retailers should not accept these coupons under any

Pharmavite LLC has notified its trading partners that it will not reimburse
retailers for these coupons redeemed after December 29, 2013, and has request retailers’ assistance and cooperation on this matter.

Read the full report HERE

What are your thought’s of this situation with this coupon

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  1. Andi says

    It’s BS plain and simple. Don’t put a coupon out and then expect people not to use it. Good thing I’ve been putting lots of codes in to get my $7 coupons. They’ll probably stop that too. Then I’ll be irate.

  2. TKitty says

    NM, Pharmavite, and Walgreens are the ones with the corp lawyers and marketing/finance degrees. The validity of the pdf is totally their call but should have been addressed formally on the Walgreens facebook page early on by Walgreens corp validating it officially with NM – not a webmaster taking a guess at it. Oh and they are pissed it was redeemed at other retailers? No problem ;..the coupon should clearly state redeemable only at walgreens. Unauthorized transfer?? Have no idea what that refers to but the bottom line is they screwed up and put a high value coupon out there during their peak selling time and now they aren’t making as much $$$ as they planned on. If they think the $1 and $2 coupons are incentive to buy their product when a study was released several weeks back saying most vitamins don’t do a damn thing for ya…well good luck with that NM and Wags. Oh well…it’s always somthing. :)

  3. vicky says

    I have been struggling with this coupon, and discussing it with walgreens, publix and naturemade since November 12. This is all just complete BS. 1st I was told printed PDF coupon is fine then I was told coupon is fine but only 10 per day then it was only 2 per day now its fraud! I have the page printed where wags said it was fine to print this coupon numerous times. I am awaiting a reply from Publix because just last week on the 21st a sign was posted that they woulld be accepting it untill March1. Now this comes out. UGGH! so tired of this make up your minds alreasy!

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