Huggies Diapers Only $0.99 At CVS Starting 9/22

Huggies coupon

Huggies Diapers Only $0.99 At CVS Starting 9/22

Screen Shot 2013-09-11 at 1.03.16 PMHuggies Diapers Only $0.99 Starting 9/22

Starting 9/22 you can score some cheap diapers at cvs. I would Highly suggest that you print the coupons now because they might be gone as we gets closer to the date.

Buy 3 Huggies Little Movers Diapers $9.49 Each
Buy 1 Johnson Baby Product $2.99 each
Total $31.46

Use (3) $3.00/1 Huggies Little Movers CVS Coupon HERE
And (3) $2.50/1 Huggies Little Movers Diapers (Must Share With 3 People)
And (1)$1/1 Desitin Diaper Rash Product, excluding 1 oz Healthy Essentials

Pay $13,96
Get Back $10 Extra Buck
Final Price: $0.99 Each 
Limit 1

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  1. says

    I tried to use 2 of the $3.00/1 CVS a couple of days ago and was told that you are only allowed to use 1 per cvs card. Is this true, has anyone used more than one cvs q in a transaction?

    • Jamie says

      My CVS would not accept more than one $3 off 1 Huggies (CVS) coupon because it states on the coupon one per customer. That is their policy and it states it on If ppl are using more than 1 than they are beating the system which is fraud.

  2. Team Savings says

    You are allowed to use more than one CVS coupon per card with how ever many transactions. As long as you have the 2 items that are required for purchase per the coupons description. That’s the beauty of CVS, you are allowed to stack their store coupons.

  3. Genna says

    You are not allowed to use two of these Diaper coupons, because it says one per customer. You can only use more if you do multiple transactions!

  4. Angie says

    The CVS coupon says off ONE bag of diapers only and the Huggies coupon says not to be used with any other coupon and one coupon per person so how do you get the spend 30 and get 10 back if you have to do multiple transactions?

    • Timeka says

      Yeah. ONE coupon per purchase, and one MANUFACTURER coupon per item. U can’t combine 2 Huggies coupons with one bag of diapers, but 1 CVS and one Huggies coupon. Check coupon policy!

  5. kitty says

    it says you can only use one but depending on the cashier you get some will let you use it and wont even pay attention as long as it scans and takes it. others that wanna be a pain will read every little thing on the coupon. sucks that you only could print out 2 of the cvs qs :(

  6. MattChompooTep says

    I don’t know exactly how to share with 3 friends for the huggies diapers and also not sure how to get the essential desitin product.. Can anyone let me know exactly how to do this.. Im fairly new on this couponing and would love to get a good deal on diapers for my baby Thank you. <3

  7. says

    You can buy them seperate and the single pack purchase will still count towards the deal.. the only thing that sucks about that is that u will not get ultimate savings that way!:(

  8. christina says

    I cant find the $1/1 desitin q. the q available is $0.75/1 only. can I find the $1/1 q somewhere else?

  9. maria says

    thank you so much for the offer so if im reading the comments correctly some cvs wont take more than one of their coupons for huggies since it says one coupon per costumer but they will still give me the 10extra bucks even if i do separate transactions

    • rina says

      First click on “get coupon” once on the page that says “save $2″ click on “Share offer” This will bring you to a page allowing you to email 3 people of the offer. HTH

  10. Melissa says

    anyone know a zipcode on that will work, my zip code doesn’t come up with this?

  11. helen nguyen says

    are you suppose to hand your coupons in a certain way? because when i handed them to the cashier she scanned the manufacturer first then the cvs coupons. however when she tried to scan the cvs coupons only 2 went through and the register would not let her scan the rest!


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