Get a Tons of Items For Only $0.01 At Dollar General

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Get a Tons of Items For Only $0.01 At Dollar General

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Check out the video below for details

Get a Ton of Items For $0.01 At Dollar General


Colored Dots to look for

  • Mens/Boys Clothes Light Grey Dots $0.01 (DONT GET SWEATSHIRTS)
  • Rugs: Light Tan $0.01
  • Women/Girls Clothes: Pink $0.01
  • Housewares: Purple Dots 60% off

If they refuse to sell you any of the item call Corporate @ (615)-855-4000 while in the store or in the parking lot

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  1. Jennifer says

    Does this work at all dollar generals. We are on the west coast and this store is brand new! Thanks

    • a little birdie says

      Grey Dot, Grey Star, and Blue Dot hanging apparel and shoes and socks are recently pennied out. (not hats/caps or bags)

      • Christy says

        I am looking for the schedule or preview of the penny out items. My local dg store says a lady is waiting for them at 8am and clears them out of penny out items before they even know what items are to be pulled. They said she sells the items online. I would like to beat her to the store and get items for use by my family, not to sell. Can anyone help me?

        • a little birdie says

          no schedule or preview that I know of or available to the general public. you just gotta keep track of the sales. before the aforementioned items became penny items, they were on sale for $1 each, which was when I made most of my purchases using the $5 off $25 purchase coupon. also, many seasonal items will go on sale from 25% off, 50% off, 70% off, and 90% off then they become penny items. the lady waiting at the store at 8am probably works at a dg or knows someone who works at a dg and got some insider tip.

        • melissa williams says

          Christie, where do you live there is a lady in the town close to me that works at dg and she sells the stuff online and they are not supposed to buy it after it gets to 50 percent off just wondering if it is the same town

          • a little d.g worker says

            dollar general employees can buy the discounted things after they get marked down even after 50% off.

        • Dawn Roszhart says

          I work at DG and the lady waiting must be a store manager elsewhere or know one. My manager doesn’t have a clue what penny items we have. Im just trying to find out for myself so I can go to other stores and get things I need. and my store does donate the items when the manager finds them.

          • Michelle says

            it is company policy that NO dg employee is to buy pennied items, if they do they can get fired for it and that came right from the head office at corporate.

          • Grimmy says

            There is always a Start Task on Tuesday morning that tells you what to pull. No excuse for tons of penny items. Don’t get caught buying them.

        • says

          There are groups all over that willingly share the info online I penny shop and have no affiliation with any DG store. I also penny shop at Toys R Us and soon adding Home Depot to my list. It is like a treasure hunt but there are groups that share the info. I can walk into a DG store on ANY day sometimes multiple times depending on if we forgot to pick something up we need and every time I can find penny items. Never fails. Also their policy states if its in customers cart gotta sell to them BUT if you only take one and it is a penny they only have to sell you that one. ALSO IMPORTANT if your DG denies sale or acts rude or whatever DO NOT CALL anyone instead fill out your survey on receipt buy something small and fill out the survey online where you can put comments. Let them know you were denied the sale of items in your cart and anything else that happened (as some managers simply lose it when they realize an entire display wasn’t pulled) I recently got an entire display of halloween for 17 cents because the manager just started putting things in bags stopped ringing up.

          It is 100% possible. Its stock that should have been pulled and many times they keep putting it back out. Last night I got minnie mouse green dot utensils for my daughter I just knew they had went to deepest clearance and were pulled like last month in my store as I was buying them when on normal clearances so when I saw one back on shelf I knew someone had been stocking old pulled merchandise I didn’t look too hard but found few other things that were put BACK out as well.

          Happy hunting. And look for Tanya Ortiz on YouTube she is awesome and has a great forum on website and a wonderful FB group about just this kind of stuff. I have learned a lot from her.

          • Rebecca says

            How do you know which color dots etc to look for? Don’t they change every time.

          • kim brown says

            what web sites do i go on to find all these penny deals they offer each month

  2. halibu says

    Call in the store. If yoi qalk out they may try yo pull them.
    I go as far as making the management talk to corporate on my cell cause I don’t trust them to go into the office and use the store phone to try an come back and say something other than what I know to be true

    • Dakota says

      I work in a dollar general. We are NOT supposed to sell them.
      So whatever you know to be true is obviously false.

      • tx-qtie says

        do you not have access to the SOP? Corp tells us we’re entitled to purchase all of the penny items that we bring to the register. Can you disprove their statement by checking the SOP and post a picture where the policy says not to sell or limit purchased quantity to X amount?

        • Lauren says

          yes you can buy them if you find them it is in the SOP but we are supposed to pull them before you find them. They don’t give us a full list sometimes of the items that are discontinued.

        • Kathy says

          Dollar general is not supposed to sell the penny items if a customer brings them up to the register. They have to give them to the customer… I work for DG ….. so if you find them they are not supposed to charge you for them… they have to give them to you.

          • Penny Shopper says

            I very much beg to differ! It clearly states in the corporate policy that if the items are in the customers cart, DG MUST sell them the items. You work for DG and you should know this. You just dont want to get in trouble for not doing your job and telling people false info. You give people penny items so they wont be logged into your register alerting corporate and you possibly losing your bonus!! #Truth

          • Sheila says

            DG corporate has issued a policy to sell these penny items as of this year. Just letting everyone know since this was an older post. If you work there, then you have seen this. If you haven’t seen it, then you need to speak to your manager or DM.

          • Amelia says

            I am a DG Asst. Mgr…policy IS..we are to never deny a penny item being bought. If they find it, they find it. We are not always given lists of what is a penny to take it off the floor. When customers come in finding them, we are unaware that they were even a penny!! As a DG employee..WE are NOT allowed to purchase penny items. That’s all FACT!

          • stacy askews says

            I work at DG also and please remember that we recycle our dots each season also. I had a lady come in today and was irritate because we have just started putting out new gray dot stuff and she could not have them for a penny. Just please be kind to your cashiers also we have no clue what is penny items until they ring up

        • tery says

          I work at DG and our manager only lets you get one item so if you have 3 of the same item you can only get one. A customer had called corporate and the gentleman on the phone told the customer that he could not make the manager sell the items to her. That was coming from corporate.

      • Jeannie says

        I work at Dollar General and yes we must sell penny items if they are brought to the register, we do not allow the customer to go back and get more, but we do sell them the items they have then we are supposed to immediately have an employee go pull any more of these items from the shelf.

        • Zach says

          The newest procedure ive heard and this is from Corporate. if a customer comes up with a basket of penny items you are allowed to sell 1 of each type of item and that is all. That was as of 11/8/13

          • Jennifer says

            As an Assistant Manager, I can tell you, as of last week, we printed out the SOP on Penny Items. 1 may be sold, any after that MUST be damaged out. People think we do this to be mean, we don’t. We follow the rules because it is our job and frankly, none of you people are going to pay our bills if we get fired for selling something we aren’t supposed to be. Until Corporate sends me something, IN WRITING, that says I will not be fired for not following their policy, NO ONE will get any more than 1 pennied out item from me. You can get angry, cry to corporate, I really don’t care.

          • Penny Shopper says

            Jennifer, according to the email I received from corporate, whatever is in my basket that rings up a penny MUST be sold, but I’m not allowed to go back at get more. I’ve called corporate on a store because I had 2 items, both a penny, manager only wanted to sell me one, corporate called store and I got BOTH!! Seems to me, the DG workers are getting pissed because we’re doing their jobs for them, as in pulling penny items. If DG workers would be doing their job, they wouldn’t have penny items on the floor for sale!!!!

          • Jennifer says

            Corporate didn’t call the store. The number that is posted is NOT corporate. It is Customer Service, they are in INDIA. They have no authority to tell us what to do. We do our jobs, we may miss a few things from time to time but the majority of stuff gets pulled. ONE item is one thing, when someone is bringing up a bunch of stuff, then there’s a problem. We JUST had this happen as the warehouse send us a bunch of clothes that someone was to lazy to retag and just sent them back to us. Our District Manager and Regional Manager, as well as his boss, said NO, we may not sell them. We had to box them up and ship them back. Don’t tell me how to do my job, as I looked at our SOP today. We even printed it out and posted it lol. TRY IT IN MY STORE because you won’t get anything.

        • laura says

          You are correct corp tells management to sell only one item an yes we also had the same issue with the suppliers not changing tags. We have started scanning new items on a regular schedule now. For anyone to think that an employee is not doing their job tells me a lot of these people have never worked in retail or they have limited expexperience with retain.

          • bree says

            your right they don’t know what we deal with all way short handed and people are not always right . there mean and as hard as we work we should not have to put up with it .

          • Maria says

            Were told not to sell. Its hard to pull every single thing. Every day somethings changes. Price changes, plannograms, sales, discontinues, seasonal sets, endcaps,&I could go on & on. Then on top of that the workers that call n. Having to run back & forward to register b/c customer doesn’t have enough money. So yes it’s pretty hard to find every single penny item.

        • Im a Bitch says

          Jennifer you can be fired for what you post on sites like this also it has happened so keep it up you will lose your job one day and if dollar store is the best you can do i feel sorry. couponers know more than most of the idiots that they hire at the dollar general stores I have called the actual corp. number and guess what I got my way. they always keep the customer happy they could careless if you get mad or not. the only reason most idiots at dollar general have a job is because of costumers..i have had many people fired for being rude and not doing their jobs and I don’t feel sorry do your job you are not higher than anybody else you have a shitty ass job that you think makes you better than someone else but your not. having a job at DG is worse than having one at Wal-Mart. As a paralegal i hope you all get fired.

          • Brina says

            okay for one the Penny items going to get thrown away there’s really no reason why they shouldn’t be sold to somebody who comes up with them and I’m a store manager I could care less. I just want to reply to this “paralegal” who thinks that her job is more important than anyone else’s. Maybe your just having a bad day and this was the best way to vent but I don’t really feel it necessary to call us all idiots just because you say you do something apparently more exciting in your eyes. I have a business degree and I choose to run a retail establishment yes it may not be Walmartbut you know what little Missy it pays my bills and it supports my family and put them through school and pay for my transportation to and from work it does a lot of things for me so just because you’re a paralegal and I’m a store manager for a retail establishments doesn’t make you any better than me.

          • Someone who works reatil says

            I also work Retail..i dont care what job u have or how much money u make..u obviously cant work well with others…and if u have a real job then why in the world are u out scamming freaking Penny items….just because we work Retail doesnt make us idiots…

          • d roszhart says

            You can’t lump all Dollar General employees together. I have extenuating circumstances and don’t have a car right now and have to work in town. Dollar General is a great company to work for with awesome benefits. I am a college educated single mom. I have worked at Caterpillar and State Farm. I’m not stupid. Please keep your rude stereotypes to yourself thanks.

          • juliane says

            i moved to my town about a year and a half ago. I had nothing at all. my town has 2 gas stations and a DG. I went in there for nearly everyday for a month.i had never heard of penny items.i just happened to find at least 2-3 penny items each visit.i had 1 lady go off on me everytime as she checked me out. she accused me of knowing something and do I go to all the DGs in nearby towns. I told her no! I didn’t know anything and no I didn’t go to other towns. finally, I had had enough of her accusations and then not letting me buy items. I told her that if I can get a penny item each time I buy things– that means you are not doing your job. and that’s not my fault. I quit going there. I only occasionally will go in there, now.

          • PROUD D.G WORKER!!!! says

            oh wow so being a paralegal makes u better than us who work as a cashier or anything else like that? I don’t think so u put your fucking pants on the same as the rest of us. trust me u aren’t any better than nobody and no matter how hard u work or think u are your not!!!! your just like everybody else. and I do agree with your name you are a bitch and a stupid one at that!!!!

          • Tanya Ladatto says

            I work for DG. I have have jobs since I was 14 yes old. I am 47 now. I have been home for the past 5 yrs. I DO NOT HAVE TO WORK. I TOOK A JOB JUST TO GET OUT OF THE HOUSE. MY HUSBAND MAKES AN AWESOME LIVING.WE RAISED 3 KIDS AND 1 GRANDCHILD WE ARE RAISING NOW.Just because you are a paralegal don’t mean squat. I was a paralegal and I don’t enjoy working for crooked lawyers. They are the same as politicians. Cannot believe anything they say! You sound to me like a very uneducated moron with no morals or values. Where do you get off thinking you are better? You got to be a real idiot because ones that stereo type people tend to be total wonder you work as a paralegal. With that attitude,no one else would hire you except a crooked attorney. ANY DECENT ATTORNEY WOULD NEVER ALLOW A PERSON AS DISRESPECTFUL AS YOU TO WORK FOR THEM. SINCE YOU ARE SO MUCH BETTER YOU MUST HAVE MONEY,SO WHY IN THE HE’LL ARE YOU RUNNING AROUND CHAStING PENNY DEALS. I DON’T DO THAT AND THANKFUL I don’t have to do that. I pay pretty much full price for everything we buy in our house must be a broke down so called paralegal. Nothing wrong with working at DG. I don’t have to work but it is fun and I like people.most people anyway. I went to school.I have worked many made yourself look like a big huge ASSHOLE! You are no better than anyone. Truth be known you probably don’t have a job because no one will hire a rude big mouth such as yourself sweetie. Now get a life and go hunting more penny items. I hope you never come in my store. I will embarrass you so bad,you will wish to God our paths never crossed. You will wish you could crawl back under the rock you crawled out from under hag!!!!!!

    • Vickie says

      It’s crazy how u get the ones that comes in and shop for penny items and if it doesn’t ring up a penny they don’t want it. If you bring something up and it rings up a penny then that is what u get, ain’t no going back and get more not at my store. You can get mad and ask for cooperate I’ll be glad to give it to you (OOOPs u should already have it since you know the
      SOP already). That just goes to show u some people think they can scare u, because they think u don’t know what’s going on. Yes we have to pull all the penny items, but for some freaking reason some of it get missed and you people thing that we owe you something, but we don’t.

        • B says

          If you are only spending a .01 you are not covering there pay check or the over head
          Of the store so does that make you fell good about you or like a jerk for neing so
          Cheep that you spend your day being cheep and putting people out of a job.
          i would hope that you are treated the same at your job. Oh thats right you dont haveone because you have time to make peoples life hard to get a rase or pay check
          Because you spent your hard earned .01 in there store…..POS is wjat you are.

          • brandy says

            wow yall dg workers are crazy ones huh?! I also work as a 3rd key at dg and why wont you sell it? all you do with it is throw it out anyway. why not let people save some money on things your gonna throw away? stop acting crazy, is it b/c your mad you didn’t get to buy them first?

        • YOURS TRULY says

          We would still have job wether or not penny shoppers co.e in. Dollar General has loyal honest customers that come in all the time. I love my job at DG. We have a penny shopper thAt comes in and she is the sweetest lady. DG employees only follow rules they are given by the district and regionAl manager. I will never get fired because someone wants something for a penny. I do my job and go home to my family and you can keep stressing out and bitching. If you yell scream and cuss you better believe you will be banned from my store. There is no room and it is not necessary to bring someone down because you want a penny item. I will still have an amAzing day. So keep pountin and shout in. Ill still have a job I love and name enough to live and have savings account I can fall back on for a couple years if I lose that job. Think what you want and have a wonderful day.

          • says

            Thank You for Dg
            I love my dg store the pp are always kind .
            But do have a question I do alot of shopping for shelters and kids in need .
            Ok everyone keeps talking about the dots I have gotten all colors and tryed to get the best price .But every thing rings up full price .The only deal I get is sales.
            I heard the DG throws alot of thing away .I came close to going dumpsters diving
            one day but .I am 60 years old and don`t need to go to jail. lol I wish the store would sell the things to me at a price I could pay .
            So if someone could email me at .And tell me what I am doing wrong .Christmas is almost here and I wish I could make alot of children smile I live in Harmony NC .And I go to DG every day love it
            Thank You
            And love all of the pp that works in Harmony DG hope to here from some one Have a BLESS NIGHT

      • Vince says

        I work at dg and theres these 2 penny people that come into my store know where all the cameras are what the employees are doing and they hide stuff months before it gets marked to a penny then come back and buy it as soon as it gets marked down. I cant find where theyre hiding this crap but it pisses me off there has to be some legal thing about this. What theyre doing can not be legal its like scamming or something. Next time they come in im going to find where theyre hiding all this stuff and get rid of it before they can do it again

  3. Danielle says

    Just left a store in Kissimmee fl,cashiers told me the manager pulled all the stuff ringing up a penny. I said is that allowed she said we can’t sell it,it’s discontinued. Ill be trying a different store.

  4. Zoraida Vidal says

    Hey Greg…wondering…how do you find out about the penny ring ups. Im in Cali…how unobvious is it

  5. Ebony says

    I hit up all of ours in the area was told all kinds of lies so needless to say a district manager and a few corporate ppl later I got a ton of things thanks for the video
    also check for any gift sets pillow pets just the big ones and jumbo Erickson banks that count the change for you has to be the jumbo one all these will be a penny

    • Dakota says

      Lies? I work in a dollar general.
      They show up as us selling them and we get in trouble.
      We’re supposed to pull them.

  6. TheCraftastical says

    Thanks for sharing this Greg. You are a sweetheart! You know how to find them deals man! I really appreciate you listing Corporate’s number because that makes it really easy in the event that drama begins to unfold. Will let you know how things turned out. Wish me luck. Be blessed!

  7. Jennifer Lynch says

    Got 2 rugs at my Dollar General here in Florida, but the manager tried to tell me that I could only get 1. I told them that I was going to call corporate, and she let me have 2 of them for .01 (.02) Then, the manager went and checked all the rugs to make sure there weren’t any more on the shelf!

  8. says

    Thanks for the corporate number it came in handy when the manager tried to get the items from me IN the store before I even got to the checkout lol. I told her I was going to call corporate just to be sure :) of course I was respectful and didn’t “act-a-fool” lol and corporate gave her the news. I only got my hands on 13 onsies but for .14 Im not complaining :)

  9. Julie says

    Are these things you need? Or just getting them because you can? I’m sure DG stores operate on a very slim margin, and this surely doesn’t help them. Threatening to “call corporate” over what is obviously a mistake seems like extortion.

    • April says

      Who cares? You know they just rip the items up and throw them away, right? I worked at Family Dollar and heard that DG does the same thing. If they truly operated under such a slim margin, do you think the CEO, Richard Dreiling would make 4 million a year? Also, if it such a problem to the stores, you would think that they would not price items at 0.01 once they are to be removed, instead they should come up as item not found or something along that line, like at Walmart.

      • Kayley says

        April you are wrong all penny items we pull at my store go to Arnold Palmer children’s hospital or a local charity and corporate only says that’s the policy because they don’t want to hear bitching because I was told when hired we are only allowed to sell one of the .01 items

        • Deborah says

          I know that’s a lie ,there was a lady ahead of me in the store that was getting some clothes for a penny an the girl told her she could only get 1 when the woman befor her had penny items an got all of hers ,the girl took the other item the lady had an got some scisers an cut the item up right there in front of the lady an said now you only have one.That was cold,i think I would have waited for her to get off work an kicked her ass.

          • Barbie says

            doesn’t sound like you should be let out in the general public if your solution is to beat up someone. you need mental help. I wouldn’t want you in my store.

          • cici says

            I worked for DG for 10 yrs and I am going to set the record straight people. You are allowed to sell the penny items, all of them, not just 1. If you deny them, then you could get into trouble by the company itself. It is the responsibility of the workers of that store to pull all the penny items. Therefore, if they do not, then that is considered their fault, not the customer. Dollar General knows all about this and you are to comply with the customer. No, you cannot take it out of there cart or throw it away or cut it up in front of them. I actually surprised that you did not lose your job for that. You are not to get smart with them. You are supposed to treat them just like any other customer. You have no right to get smart with them or make snide remarks. Every employee on here needs to go back and read their SOP or call corporate. And if anyone says that corporate told them otherwise, well that is simply a lie. You are not allowed to go back and get penny items if the worker has them in their hands or in a cart. But if you find something that they have not gotten yet, you are allowed to purchase that item. Hope this clears this up for the workers and customers. There is no reason to fight over this or call each other names.

          • incognito says

            cici, thank you for clarifying this for everyone. i appreciate your professionalism.

        • says

          All of our .01 items go for the local Women’s shelter.. Ppl that wanna talk bad about the workers, have never had a job at Dollar General.. Work in the public and let someone be rude to you and you would change your tone!

          • Jenna says

            For your information, I work in the public and I have 16 years, skilled in professional customer svc and no matter how mad the customer gets I have the capability to be professional and speak with the customer not try to out rant them on a chat related room. How lame. Dont quit your day job…….You might need it.

      • laura says

        No they are not trashed lots of the stores donate the items to churches and shelters sorry if I burst your hate bubble. Most retailers in our area do all we can to support nonprofit groups to help folks in need.

        • says

          Laura that great .
          You know I have been reading comments on here and I can`t see why pp get up set over a penny .I love getting great deals I myself shop for the pp in need and shelters.But I hope my family would put me in a hospital if I acted like this .I don`t run into many pp I go to the DG around Noon .So I think I will keep it like that .
          Bless all of you that works and want to work .But their are some that don`t want that .Looks like their life is about a penny.
          Bless You All
          Isalene Jordan
          Harmony NC 28634

      • ann says

        I also worked at Family Dollar and we wasnt allowed to sell if it rang as a penny, we damed them out and threw in dumpster,, we begged DM to let us donate to charity helping families across the road and they said NO put in dumpster,

          • Mel shaffer says

            I’ve been with DG for 4 years and workedy way up from a cashier to 3rd key holder & in 3 different stores in this area & have also traveled n worked in most of the stores in johnstown pa n it’s surrounding areas. I can tell you all of these stores take penny items that are to be pulled n box them up to be given to a local charity of choice of the manager or by all the employees agreeing. Also some change the charity from time to time if another is in need. Also if it’s food it’ll go to a food pantry or pet food to an animal shelter. Yes, there are times we do miss penny items. We are human, we make mistakes.but policy states we can ring up the penny items that the customer brings up to the register, but can Not go back for more. Then an associate has to go pull any remaining items on the shelf off the shelf n be damaged out accordingly. Then be boxed up to be given to charity. I also know that our recently retired DM always said make the customer happy n give them the penny items that they bring up for the penny each. Thats what we do.the saying in retail used to be a customer is always right, but that’s not true anymore cuz consumers aren’t as honest as they once were.

  10. Pam says

    As soon as I saw this I ran tone DG. After going thru all the clothes I ended up with mens t-shirts (26), 1 onesie, 1 pair of girls pj’s, 2 pair of ladies sleep pants for a grand total of .29 cents. Thanks Greg you truly are that dude.

  11. April says

    Thank you Greg! I went to 2 stores, and tried to get rugs at both. The cashier called the District Manager, who asked to speak to me on the phone. I told him the policy, and he told me that they were being taken advantage of. I asked him if he’d rather rip the items up and throw them away. He told me I was being rude and obnoxious, when he was being rude, trying to get me off the phone. Wish I knew corporate was open after 5. I called after the 2nd time being rejected and they were open. Corporate agreed that I was right, and the regional manager (above the DM) is supposed to call me. Hope I can get an answer before the rugs are gone. Thanks again Greg. I won’t give up! :)

  12. Donna says

    Every time I go into a certain store here (Michigan), they have someone follow me. If I use coupons, they tell me my coupons are no good, I am sick of being treated like a criminal. At one store, they took my daughters license plate number and threatened to call the cops and have her arrested. Someone at the corporate level needs to come up with a better plan of informing their employees about policy and procedure. Maybe if enough of us complain, they will get their act together.

    • Jenna says

      then quit shopping there… Some people need to be showed and not told. If they have bad customer svc stop shopping there……Theres your sign………..

  13. says

    I was only able to get one woman’s tee, but got my other stuff while I was there. Loving the country time and jello. Thanks for all the info!

  14. Haley says

    When do they start doing this? I just went to my dollar general. I could only find one rug with a tan dot and at the register it still rang up ten dollars :/

  15. Tracey says

    I’m headed out in a few I’m in North Carolina, I haven’t found any of the velveeta cheese here, but ima try for the penny items today.

  16. johnnie jones says

    found 6 rugs and 8 florida gators sweatshirts that were priced $22 all for 1 peny each thanks greg

  17. Darcy says

    I must have searched every piece of womans clothes and rugs and housewares. Frustrated. Then I thought, wait, did Greg say Family Dollar or Dollar General. You can guess which one I was at. argh. Was so frustrated. Nearest Dollar General 8 miles away. Bargain Blunder!

  18. diane says

    Not a thing don’t mistake dots for stars day noticed a lot of white dots have never seen them before

  19. Donna says

    Just tried the rug thing tonight… It worked no problem! Just wanted to say thanks man 😀

    By the way I was just wondering if you knew what the other dot colors meant? I was in the store and saw some towels and stuff with a blueish green dot and a few other items with red dots and a few yellow dots and would really love to know what they meant savings wise.

    I also looked thought the shirts but didn’t find any grey dots but I did find grey star on some… Do you think it works like the dots?

  20. says

    I went to DG today and looked through as much as I had time for. Took the grey star ones to the register for a price check and it came up as regular price. Also they had a pink dot on some purses and they were the regular price. Manager said that the ones I would have been looking for was a lighter shade of pink. When the manager saw what I was doing she was very polite in asking what I was doing and I explained what I had heard. She said they removed all those items 3 months ago and said that if I did find any that I could only buy 1. I explained that corp. says different and she said she would talk to corp about it. But still no products in my area so far. Also the manager said that when they got rid of the items they donated them. Happy you were able to get some great bargains. I have cleared out 6 DG’s of all their jello products, Caprisun, Velvetta toppings and made many in my family very happy. Also donated to our local food bank and have left over jello products to donate at Thanksgiving time. Thanks for the shout on those items too.

    • Lorry Sample says

      You have cleared out 6 DG of the product, well thanks a lot, it’s couponers like you that give others a bad name… and others not able to find things.

    • Sheila says

      Rule one of penny shopping….NEVER TELL THEM THAT YOU ARE SHOPPING FOR PENNY ITEMS! 😉

      • Angela says

        I am a breast cancer patient and a widow with 3 kids and live on $800.00 a month from SSI from Mississippi and only get $97.00 a month food stamps and I wish I could get half the stuff other shoppers get free if anyone has a list for today I would appreciate it Ive been looking for 3 hours and I receive chemo and radiation everyday I would love to go by a store and find a deal can anyone help me find a list

  21. April says

    Very jealous and happy for those that can take advantage of this. Have been to two districts within 10 Miles of each other, and talked to 2 DMs on the phone. Both were extremely rude, and one threatened to call the police to have me removed if ‘I continued to be a nuisance’. He claimed that he had received 4 calls about the penny items, just that day, but none were due to me. So, obviously this is a problem in my area. They also refused to go with corporate’s policy, claiming that corporate is run by a call center with employees who have no idea of the store operations. Very, very horrible experiences. I am waiting to hear from the regional manager, who according to one DM will tell me the same thing. I hate that I live in such an unfriendly area, and am made to feel like I am committing a crime. One DM also claimed that ‘stupid forums are getting people excited about this and having people run in to rip off the stores’…. Lord have mercy.

    • krystalcastle says

      oh my gosh!! that’s horrible customer service! regardless of whether you get it for free or a penny or ten dollars, you’re a customer and the customer is always right! where do you live?

      • DGEmployee says

        I have worked at Dollar General for a year now and I can tell you that my RM emailed us all and Told us that it is more important to keep a customer than to lose one over a penny item. The way I see it is the company should be happy about selling an item for a penny rather than getting nothing for something thrown in the dumpster . I happily sell the penny items from our store.. come on.. why make a big deal over it?

  22. beth n says

    I got 8 of the soap dispensers that match yours rugs at a local dollar general for a penny, I went to 5 different stores and only found these items.

  23. Pam says

    Greg it’s me again I went to a different DG today and got 40 items. Mens t-shirts, Boy t-shirts, Onsies, Girl pj’s , Girl t-shirts, and short sets. I’m in Birmingham AL.

  24. Heather says

    Thank you so much for this! We just had a horrible fire here in AZ and I found 26 little boys shirts. It took two calls to corporate to get them to sell them to me, but I got them. I’m donating them to the families who lost their homes. I would have gotten more, but the cashier was pulling them off the rack as I was talking with corporate!

  25. Crystal Ligon says

    I got seven rugs, two pair of lounge pants and dress and a Tennessee long sleeve shirt. Thanks so much I did have to call corporate.

  26. Alazaee says

    I was able to find 2 rugs 1 bath rug and 9 newborn clothes all for 0.01 like always I had trouble getting this items but once I called corporate manager was able to sell it to me :) thank you for all York hard work!!

  27. Cindy says

    I got 4 rugs and tomorrow will go to a different store to see if I can find something else. Thanks a lot Greg!

    • Trish says

      You can find them but you have to search. When I first read this today, I went to my DG and found one. Well I went to another one before Bible study and didn’t find any but I did get (3) pot holders that I paid 30 cents for. So after Bible study I went back to the first one that I went and looked at the rugs that were folded on the shelves and found (6). I really didn’t have any problems until she got to the last two and that is when she noticed what they were ringing up for. She then called someone to go check to see if there are any more and then she told me well you got you a good deal today and I heard her make the comment “I’ll have to get me some of these”.

      • Barbie says

        I have worked with dg for 5 years and employees are NEVER allowed to purchase penny items. We could be terminated for that.

  28. MMii says

    The manager at one of our local DG stores said that when the items are clearance to $0.01 they will sell them to other discount stores. Maybe this is the story that they are telling customers to give them a way out…or are they actually keeping the items for themselves…Mmmmmm!!!

    • Pat says

      We dont sell them to other discount store we give them to locate churches or schools in the area. If you come into my store and find a penny item you can buy it. I will never refuse a sell because i overlooked an item. But because of pages like this one, people are coming in and hiding items they believe will be going to a penny, I even had a customer try to remove items from my toy for tots box. That is steal. So you all keep bragging about how u r screwing Dollar General. Its the needy u r screwing over. So the next time you see a small child standing in the freezing cold with no hat or gloves just remember that the hat u got for a penny belongs to him not you. You people make me sick

  29. says

    found a dg with plenty of stock had about 15 different shirts/pjs in my cart refused to sell my the items I told them I had talked to corp earlier this wk at a different store & was certain they could indeed sell them. they refused I called corp they said not to leave the store they wld call store so I could buy my stuff. meantime the manager asked to talk 2 me on phone. told me there was “a ring of criminals who went around from store to store scamming them by looking just for the penny items” long story short she asked me “whats so important in you cart?” & “you can throw my name around” & “I don’t care that corporate calls and tells me to sell them im not selling them” corp overheard most and was very apologetic stated my cart would be held and I would be able to come back and get them once things got “straightened out” on a side note I found all kinds of kids t shirts college long sleeve shirts, and collegesweatshirts ladies mumus and some infant pjs

  30. melissa says

    How long does this last? My DG said that nothing is on sale right now. That they usually have sales on the pink and yellow dots only.

  31. Trish says

    I got (7) rugs that total $112.00 for 7 cents and (3) pot holders that total 3.00 for 90 cents.

    • Sheila says

      Does it matter if it’s the big or small rugs? I found some big rugs today that had tan dot but didn’t try them out at the register. Is there any other numbers or markings to make sure? Anyone have a UPC for a big rug that was bought for a penny? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  32. vicky says

    Can u tell me how often they do this?? Is this something we can look for all the time?? Thanks a bunch

    • melissa says

      i was wondering this also. my dg said they only have sales on yellow and pink tags but that it was only once in a while.

  33. shanna says

    I am a manager these penny items r items that have not sold even after being priced at 90% off we are to remove item and must b donated to charitys only way u will find these if the store failed to pull them

    • tx-qtie says

      and if the customers find them, are you aware that the customer is entitled to purchase everything they bring to the register (not limit 1, not limit 3, 5, 8, or some random made up number) acccording to the penny policy in the SOP from corp? Do you have a copy of the SOP that you verify this policy?

      and by the sale of these penny items, do DG store associates get into trouble as Dakota mentioned on here?

      • sad dollar general worker says

        really my boss tells me to throw them away. eevery store is ran different and its wrong. should all be the same. if going in trash why not sell for 0.1 or yeah give to charity there are people out here that are broke

  34. Richard says

    To all the Dollar General Employees. To say your stores can’t sell them, you are right under one condition. Pull the merchandise and do your job. If discontinued items remain on the shelf, according to corporate you cant refuse to sell it for a penny to a customer no matter how many items they find.

    • Jess says

      I’m a manager at a Dollar General. Our policy is that we can sell whatever is in the customers possession at the time the customer is at our register. All other items must be taken down IMEDIATELY and put in a box to go to charity or in other cases get sent back to the distributer. We do NOT get sent any type of information as to what needs to be taken off of the shelves. We price check once in a while when we notice we’ve had something that didn’t have a home spot. To say we don’t do our job is just unreal. Yes, we do get aggravated at what we call “the penny people” because most of them make huge messes and just cause a fuss. We do not have time to be sitting there and price checking item for item and then taking back the shopping cart full of stuff that you didn’t want because they were’nt a penny. I have 1 of the ladies that I do not mind at all because she NEVER makes a mess and she puts back what she didn’t end up getting neatly. I just hate when I have to clean up after people and they don’t even need the stuff. I have 2 ladies that come clean us out of penny items then she goes and sells them for only a couple dollars under ticketed price and it just erks my nerves. But this will soon change when we go to the new policy. When we ring up a penny item, the new policy is going to be to sell is for half of the ticketed price. At least that is what I heard and I can NOT wait until this happens. If this is what I heard correctly. It would help if they told us what to take down.

  35. Lori Harris says

    How do we find out what color is for the week??? Tuesday is the week they change colors? Or are colors from the past still a penny also??

  36. Chad fisher says

    What a bunch of losers on this blog. Dollar General is doing away with penny items ring at the registered the first of the year so get all you can now.

    • nikkey says

      Some of us so called “Losers” are just trying to save money to support our children so if we can pick up a couple of penny items and have money to put towards some bills or something what is so wrong with that asshole!!!!

      • says

        Your’e gaming the system. Play fair…no one needs to go to 5 different DGs to buy 10 rugs. Go volunteer at the charities that DG supports. Do something that helps others not just your family but the charity as well. If you can run around looking for penny deals at DG, you’ve got the energy to go to the charity and donate to those who are truly homeless/despondent. I.E. the poor bastards that don’t have internet, food, shelter, transportation, all the things you needed to post your thoughtless comment. Really sad.

  37. C clark says

    Uh excuse me I am one of the Dollar General managers in Oklahoma. For YOUR INFORMATION this is all false! We all are supposed to pull off the items that get pennied out. If something was not pulled we are only ALLOWED TO SELL ONE ITEM. I had district and store managers telling me this tonight because of a lady pulling this stunt. They also werent even yellow dotted! Beware who ever made this, your ass could be getting into a lot of trouble!

  38. kyle says

    This needs to be taken down it is against SOP to sell there items and I work for dollar general we don’t sell these items we donate these items and you people that are abusing this are horrible people

  39. says

    All the penny items are donated to people who have nothing.anyone who buys these things are selfish.children overseas have no shoes to wear,not to mention all these items were at one time 90% off,but you wait to pay a penny instead of giving it to the needy.SELFISH

  40. BlueWaterGirl says

    I work at a DG in Michigan and we do have to pull them when we find out about them, but that’s if we do. Hardly anyone around here buys girls clothes in my store, until my assistant manager did one day, she found a whole rack that had all girls clothes for a penny on it. She ended up buying a whole bunch for her kids and then told the store manager about it. So if she can do it, so can you.

    • Anon says

      Actually she can be fired. On the cbl’s for a key carrier the is a whole topic on penny items and half off shelves. WE AR NOT ALLOWED TO BUY ANY. the company considers it stealing and we can be fired. shrink awareness for key.

  41. Anonymous says

    You’re all rude, low life, scum bags. You should not be exploiting these items PERIOD. The idea with their policy is that if the customer already has the items, allow them to ring them up because they may or may not have known. To go in there day in and day out buying up all the items you can for 1¢ is completely rude. If you get an item that just so happens to be a penny, yay you. It’s outrageous to purchase say 60 bottles of nail polish, just because they’re 1¢. Seriously you need to be a cheap skate like that? DO YOU KNOW WHAT HAPPENS WITH THESE ITEMS IF YOU DON’T SCAM THEM? They’re donated to people who actually need them. Please stop being fucks and exploiting this. It’s not something fun, you’re ruining peoples chances of receiving these because they need them. This should come with misdemeanor charges.

    • penny shopper and proud says

      Or the item is thrown in the dumpster or destroyed. Not all stores donate.

    • dealseeker31 says

      who really needs nail polish? seriously, sounds like someone jealous who can’t find good deals. and u can’t tell me anyways that all the dollar generals actually donate the items. i bet the employees hide them and buy them!

      • anon says

        Actually as a DG employee we are not allowed to buy penny items what so ever even a mistake because we can lose our jobs. We arent even allowed to buy off the half off cart because they say we are stealing. And yet the penny ladies think we are just keeping them for ourseves and being rude? We are just doing what the store tells us to amd saying the same thing corp tells us.

      • Taylor says

        Fuck yeah, cause if they don’t some little penny bitch will come in and buy everything so they can go sell them for almost full price.

  42. Chun King says


  43. Chun King says

    Penny shopper and proud?? More like your a broke ass cheap trailer trash who scams a fu@!#ng dollar store?? REALLY?? That is a scam for broke ghetto trash to spend more $ on dope and get shit for free!!! GET A LIFE ALL YOU PENNY PRICKS!!

  44. Chun King says

    Well said… all these ghetto retards try to scam a fu@#cking dollar store , not caring that they are not stealing from a rich corp, but people whose chances of receiving that items they can’t buy are ruined by DOLLAR STORE SCAMMERS!!

    • Tam says

      must you really use the word RETARDS in Such a Negative Way. if you had a Family member who is like you say RETARD would you say that to them?

  45. THE CLEAN Chun King says


    • Brandi says

      Wow …what’s a cluck …we have bashers wow some people are just pissed that they can’t do it just like coupons just because we buy cheap don’t mean we ate on drugs or live in trailers or are uneducated but thanks so much tall for making me laugh XD have a very Blessed day

  46. Lisa says

    Dear Anonymous, No one actually NEEDS nail polish! Really, is it coming out of your pocket what do you care if some one pays a penny or a dollar! Get over it already!

  47. Christy says

    I think that some DG workers are rude. Most of us are not trying to get you in trouble and I am collecting to donate. I think if its there and its going to be destroyed then why not cash in on it.

  48. Christy says

    How stupid is your comment sbelow. Nobody Scamming anyone. If its there and I find it then I should be able to buy it. I have managers tell me they hate to have to vut up stuff and trash it. So get off your high horse.

    Anonymous says:
    11/25/2013 at 12:06 am
    You’re all rude, low life, scum bags. You should not be exploiting these items PERIOD. The idea with their policy is that if the customer already has the items, allow them to ring them up because they may or may not have known. To go in there day in and day out buying up all the items you can for 1¢ is completely rude. If you get an item that just so happens to be a penny, yay you. It’s outrageous to purchase say 60 bottles of nail polish, just because they’re 1¢. Seriously you need to be a cheap skate like that? DO YOU KNOW WHAT HAPPENS WITH THESE ITEMS IF YOU DON’T SCAM THEM? They’re donated to people who actually need them. Please stop being fucks and exploiting this. It’s not something fun, you’re ruining peoples chances of receiving these because they need them. This should come with misdemeanor charges.

    • Rhonda says

      Maybe all of us scrum bags as you. Call us should shop somewhere parents owned a store at one time and they always said if you not nice to your customers you won’t have customers.

  49. Lora says

    Okay So I work at Dollar General as well. I’m a lead sales associate who’s worked in three different stores. At the first two stores they told me I could only sale one item of the same product to the customer. That was it. When I moved to the third store I said screw it and let them buy as many as they wanted cause it got it out of our system. My SM was always on my butt about it until our DM told him that if they bring up a cart full of Pennied out items we have to let them buy it. No problem for me. The ONLY thing I have a problem with is when they bring up an item that’s 25 cents and they tell me they don’t want it right after I ring it up. I then have to get my keys out and it goes against us because we had to abort an item that was 25 cents. the other thing that pisses me off is when they leave the carts of unwanted product close to the door. I work alone for three to four hours, there’s no way in hell I’m going to get over to those carts and moved within a timely manner. If you go shopping be considerate and push the dang cars to a secluded spot!

  50. DG Manager says

    I am a DG employee. What you may think of rude when it comes to this is really our job. Not only are you hurting the store when you do this you are hurting employees. We used to try and donate these items but they would get stolen and sold for way more tham they were worth so we tried throwing them out and people would steal them out of the dumpster and sell them. Whatever our policy is does not matter. What corporate tells us or better yet our district manager tells us matters. I personally have encountered this and a woman tried to put me on the phone with corporate. I refused to talk because for all I knew it could be a family member or friend. I have to have some from corporate in our emails or through my DM telling me I can do this. Right now our policy is if you try to buy pennied items we can only sell you one and that is final. I willl not risk my job for someone who is trying to scam my store. I don’t care if your my own mother. The reason this man made this page is to take advantage of us because we were shipped Christmas toys and core items with last years SKU numbers. I found all the lists and pulled everything off our shelves that were pennied and sent it around to the whole region. I was ensured that they took action too. So before you start to call us rude and try to pull one over on someone trying to make a living why don’t you stop and think for a moment.

    • Jon says

      I’m a sm for a store in ky …. Been an store manager for 4 years. The policy has changed. Any items a person brings int there cart or basket we have to ring up regardless if it’s a penny or not… It’s the store employees fault for not getting the penny items before the store is opened per our daily tasks…

      • shrout7473 says

        I have personally seen where these “customers” are hiding these items out of site. They will hide it behind other items, or even go as far as stashing them on the top ledges behind larger items. I see this as stealing from the store.

        • Retail Manager says

          This is called ” understocking” when done by employees it is a termination offense.
          If store recovery is done properly, they will find these items and hopefully figure out that they need to be pulled.
          I have been in retail for 30 years, 98% of customers are as good as gold. They are pleasant, respectful and are genuinely nice to deal with. 2% are 100% nasty human beings. They come in looking for ways to demean you or ruin your day, I will follow whatever my company policy is in a particular situation, I will usually err on the side of the customer if I can.

          One thing I absolutely will not tolerate is having my associates who make minimum wage, may not have many hours that week and no access to benefiets, abused, demeaned or threatened. You do this and I will ban you from my store with a legal tresspass notice. If my company will not support this, then I will find one who will.

          Retail is a tough job, some of us actually enjoy it. Those on this thread that state that retail workers are less than themselves, because they serve others are very wrong. Most profession’s are truly service profession’s, you are a doctor, you serve patients. You are a lawyer, you serve clients. You manufacture something , you serve the the consumer who ends up buying the product. My point is simply that every one should be treated with respect and dignity. You will receive the same in return.

          The old saying that you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar is appropriate here.

          I have never fired an employee for following policy, I have never been reprimanded or fired for backing up an employees following of policy. Calling corporate does not mean you will get your way, I have no problem telling corporate what policy states. If my district or regional says to make an exception, I will do so. But don’t expect to come in every day and get an exception made for you.

  51. shrout7473 says

    This site and thread is the reason alot of DG employees are not able to get full time work. This is encouraging ppl to “hide” items until they will ring up a penny. This causes shrink or a loss for our stores. If the store continues to take this type of loss, then we do not get the budget to issue more hours for the employees, and those employees cannot make a living to provide for themselves or their families. How would you all like it if somebody was doing something that took away from your children? You people are just too cheap to pay even half price. If you go around hiding these items where we cannot pull them, then you are stealing from that store. As an employee, I will not sell you these items. You can bitch and moan to corporate all you want, but I will not do anything that will take away from my family.

      • shrout7473 says

        None, cause in 2 days these items will start to ring up “Item not found” and we can start entering in the regular price for these. So good luck you cheap bitches.

        • a little birdie says

          I just got some grey dot, grey star, blue dot, infant boys and girls clothes for a penny each yesterday. My nieces and nephews will be happy with their birthday/xmas gifts

          • Katt says

            Clothes for bday and Xmas? Woo hoo score! I am a savvy shopper too but this is sad get your nieces & nephews some toys with your saving, seriously!

          • a little birdie says

            Katt, Seriously, you sound like an ungrateful spoiled little 10 year old brat. You need to get off the computer and go play with your teddy bear if you think toys are the only acceptable form of gifts for Christmas and birthdays, or any occasion for that matter.

  52. lynn says

    Can someone send me a copy of where it says they have to sell it to you for a penny cause my store is giving me a hard time thanks

  53. Anon says

    Good for them giving you a hard time. You are stealing shit from charities these items are being donated too. If you really want it, buy it when it is at 90% off. Leave the penny items to those who really can use it. Clothes will usually get donated to local churches, school supplies to schools, and the store near me donates holiday items to our local Hospice Care so the people or are sick and dying can hopefully have a little more joy in what could be their last holiday. All you people make me sick. You are selfish, and taking away from the real people that truly need it.

    • Joyell says

      I buy the penny items to donate to homeless and battered women shelters, and other people who are in need. Your assumptions are incorrect.

    • Brandi says

      Do you personally see them donating them because it seems some store do …If I get penny items I know for a fact they go to charities so please think before you talk

  54. tiger says

    I think you penny people should stop. Its one thing to find something and another to have a list looking for them. I do think y’all are nothing but crims. And Dg should sop sue all of you.

  55. Amanda Nowlin says

    District manager along with call and email from corporate office told me that if it’s on the sales floor and you put it in your basket, they have t sell it to you for the price it rings up even if it is a penny. Penny items are not returnable and are final sale. His is after being told multiple stories by DG workers the district like you have to donate to the literacy fund for them to sell it or have to buy a $1 item to buy a penny item or they can’t sell it to you no matter what, etc. I have the email sard to show it to them if they give me crap over it and regional managers contact info. The same managers and workers have also refused to take coupons or purposely go in and enter higher price on sale items so the $5 off $25 deal is by a deal anymore.

    • Amanda Nowlin says

      Whatever I can’t use myself that I find I give to people having a rough time thy can use it or donate to local food pantry so that it does go to people that need it. You won’t see it from me for sale on eBay or amazon like some people.

  56. angrydgemp says

    I work at dollar general, have reported this website to corporate. So dont be surprised if you get shut down and possibly have charges placed against you.

    • Donna Tipton says

      Could you please tell me what the charges might be? Thank you ahead of time for your response.

      • steave says

        I am a DM for dg and we will be puting an end to all of these probloms after june first all penny items will ring up as not found in system so enjoy while you can thanks…….

        • Lizz says

          By the sound of this page that might not be a bad idea. I just hope they will be donating the old stuff the charity.

  57. brina77 says

    Hey Penny Shopper maybe if you got your ass out and get a decent job so you can actually spend real money on things like the loyal everyday customers who do then you wouldnt have to scrape up pennies to purchase things. Yall go in there just to be pains in the ass to the workers and the other customers who have to sit and watch you jerk the cashier and associates around. Get a life and a job.

  58. Alan says

    I worked for dollar general for 9 years and I had a penny hunter come into my store and get some penny items and because I sold them I lost my job so now I have to try and start my life over its so sad when people get gready over things they don’t even need and because of the greed it causes people to lose there jobs and destroy there lives so thanks for being so greedy just remember karma will come and get you

    • Joyell says

      You lost your job because you weren’t doing it correctly. The penny items are supposed to be removed from the sales floor as soon as they reach the 1 cent mark, prior to the store opening. If you had done your job and ensured that your associates were doing that, you would probably still have a job. There’s no such thing as karma. Stop blaming others for your failures and grow up.

  59. CH says

    I have never bought anything for a penny at dollar general nor will I go hunting for the penny deal but I think this is just poor policy by Dollar General. The system should ring up discontinued items as 90 percent off and leave them at that. It’s poor planning to have a policy that can anger employees, managers, and/or customers who are not allowed to purchase the items. Dollar General can do better that this.

  60. Jan says

    Hello Im a store manager for DG in ga. Yes all pennied out items have to be sold for a penny no matter what.. Personally im not going to argue with you over a penny. Yes all penny out items get donated to a charity and you are taking away from them doing this. But then again as a store manager you should have these pulled. yes there are sometimes items we do not catch because it dosnt come down from coporate. I seen someone ask about the dots? All seasonal and apparel items have dots when they start getting marked down it will be by a color of the dot. Guys and gals when a dot goes on sale it can take ayear for it to get pennied out some are quicker than others . You will not dumpster dive at my store I will call the police and have you removed from the property I have done it before. The dumpster is private property not open to the public, plus im going to keep you from catching TB desease.

    • ( ,) says

      Jan, thank you for your comment and charitable donations, but I have a question. If at your store the penny items get donated to a charity, why would there be a need to dumpster dive at your store?

      • punkin says

        nicely put,i wanna know are the penny items available all month long I mean when is the best time to look for them

      • Darla says

        Some items would not necessarily be donated, therefore are dumped in dumpster. But in doing so……they are supposed to be destroyed making them useless.

  61. Judy says

    you not only have to look for color dots..but it should be like F13 or s11..Usually anything with 14 will not be pennied out

  62. laughing at you says

    Thanks to these sites we can go and check back on what we missed :-) just love it when penny shoppers come up and ask us to ring items up and its not one that is discontinued then complain how it was a penny at the store down the road but 1.50 here… People these days are just stupid … We are not owned by the same managers and every district is different no matter what corporate says : P and besides when the little so-called smart money shoppers show up and get the wrong items… we know which ones to look for and which ones are actually discontinued so that we can go and pull them :) and I think it’s working too :-)

  63. selena says

    Being an employee at Dollar General, I can say that we are able to sell you what is in the cart, but no more. Therefore, it just means you cannot go back and get more of the same items because they were pennied out.

  64. Jonathan says

    Just for all of you people out there saying penny shoppers are greedy and costing people their jobs and everything else. First of all, maybe employees should do their job and take the items off the shelves, and none of it would happen. Secondly, if you have EVER went to any store, flea market, auction, etc. to find clearance items or to get items CHEAPER, then you all are a bunch of HYPOCRITES!. We are in a poor economy, and if anyone can find anything for a penny, I applaud you. And, just to make it clear, I am not a penny shopper.

  65. ashley says

    Mine too. Im understanding that its done by region. So if we could ever figure out what region is what.

  66. ashley says

    So how is throwing these items in a dumpster helpful to anyone. Donations can be made to goodwill or your local mission? Throwing things away that are perfectly good that a person. Could use is insane. And if you are throwing them away what difference does it make who buys them at a penny? Stupid

  67. ashley says

    Wow! Really???
    From reading this if the management did there job it wouldn’t even be an issue? Or if Dollar General is gonna mark it down and not worry about it then mark it down and let the public get a deal.

  68. payjae says

    Lol a lil to serious.. some of yall are defending your store as if your serving the united states.. take a chill pill.. are u saying when u clock out and go to another retail and notice an item for a penny you wouldnt buy because your living by your store policy?? A deal is a deal..

  69. abbey says

    I work for an inventory company that counts dollar generals and family dollar store and in this area the store manager donates the pennied out items that we find while cointing to the local shelters

  70. Mar says


  71. Queen Save a lot says

    I went into a dollar general today and saw a lady getting all of these items. I was curious and asked what the prices was. she informed me a penny. and she had takend them all. No big deal because of I had done the same thing in the past a couponer. I am trying to understand the deal with the penny shopping at dollar general. How do you know when they are a penny or the time for that matter. This lady had a lot of nice things. I believe in giving back and it was purposed that I walked in there and found out about this. but if i can get more information before i make a fool of my self that would be awesome.

  72. Violet says

    I just started working at the local DG and had a woman come up with a handful of penny items. Of course being new I called the manager over because I thought I did something wrong that the items were coming up as a penny. She said it was ok and explained to me after customers left that we HAVE to sell the items if a customer brings them up. While the items may be well hidden within the store or even the clearance aisles, they may still be out there, overlooked when pulling discontinued items. So again, if they are found, the customer CAN buy them, as many of them as they have at the time that they come up to the register. Of course these items don’t cover the overheard of running the store and employees pay but consider how many stores there are and how many customers come in that do not penny shop and spend anywhere from $50 to 100 or more on regular priced items… These stores make more than enough to cover the overhead.

  73. Stephanie says

    Found 3 items but they rang up full price, I didn’t argue, just said I thought they were on sale and put them back…should I have gotten for a penny since they were definitely the tan tags?

    • Taylor says

      If they ring up that way there is nothing we can do, don’t get me wrong, if we have a sign that says “all brown dot 50% off” and it doesn’t ring up that way they have to change it but if it “pennies out” and it rings at full price we cant. We don’t put signs out for pennied items, we actually are told to remove them from store floors immediately.

  74. DGbandit says

    i work at DG cashier for 1year now… ill sell you any .01 items you bring to register… we have a lady in the area who usually buys like 1/2 a cart or at least a full basket of penny stuff, and she travels the area and goes to surrounding towns too… and she donates it all to charity.

  75. says

    i work at dollar general and this one woman comes and always buys penny items. no matter what item it is whether it’s clothing, food, etc. she will get it. and i was wondering how to do it as well. now that i know it has to do with the dots, i will diffidently be looking harder now. thank you so much for this tip. ^_^ thank you greg!! ♥
    also a tip: another way to find penny items is that it has to be out of season. for example if you find Christmas paper plates and its the middle of June a penny or Easter candy.

  76. nicole says

    I recently learned that the reason the stores get upset is that the cashiers that sell the penny items are losing their jobs because of this. I have quit doing the penny thing since then I will not be responsible for someone losing their jobs

  77. DG 3rd Key says

    Just wanna leave some info here for everyone. I’m a 3rd key at DG and here’s how it usually works: a seasonal item goes out of season (clothes and hats a lot of times) and if it remains unsold through the discount phase, our computer program tells us to pull the item. These items usually have color coded dots or stars, but NOT ALL ITEMS OF THAT COLORED DOT/STAR ARE “PULLED” BY THE SYSTEM. Some go back to regular price. Our system is not great at describing these items to be pulled, so sometimes we can’t find them. Those items will scan for 1penny. Word gets out to the public somehow, and a lot of people show grab these items. At my store (it varies by district) we will sell you any and all 1 penny items that you have in your cart. while those items are being rung a cashier, I pull the rest off the shelf to be damaged out and ultimately donated to charity or thrown away depending on the item. Then that color of dot/star can be reused. This is why some, for example, yellow dot things don’t scan 1 penny when others do. We can’t change the price to 1 penny, and calling corporate will not change that. Also, Dg employees are not obligated to tell customers which items are 1 penny; and Dg employees are not allowed to buy anything for 1 penny. Best way to find out if things are 1 penny is to put them in a cart and try to buy them. Don’t ask a floor associate to scan them before putting them in your cart. If they’re in your cart you’re safe! Hope this helps. Happy hunting!

  78. fuck you says

    stop being cheap ass mother fuckers.. selling pennied out items could cause them to lose there jobs.. so fuck all you cheap as fuckers…

  79. melissa says

    Ok this is totally off the subject but I have a question for someone who is a manager or key at the dollar general please help!!!!!

  80. melissa says

    I have a question for a key or a manager who works at the dollar general its very important. Please someone help and answer my question Im freaking out. Please email me at thank you

  81. christine says

    I was looking for a penny blog to subscribe to, not because I’m really cheap but who doesnt like to get a great deal once in awhile. However after reading all the comments on this site I do believe that I will be looking somewhere else because this site doesn’t seem to about saving any money, but more about who will get something over on whom. So terribly sad to read how childish and selfish people can be.

  82. N8 says

    Employee refused the sale. corprate said she was not allowed to do so. if it rings up u must sell it sorry managers.. it is true. you will not loose your job for selling these items for a penny, as they are just going to be disposed of

  83. Moemoe says

    I dont understand why so many people get upset about penny shoppers, if they are rude or mess up your store then yes, I would be pissed too, but I do know for a fact that it is in your 2014 policy to sell any pennied items that are in the customers basket, and then you must pull the rest off the shelf. Most dg do donate, however a lot of them do not! I penny shop and im proud of it! I donate every item I get. This past week seeds and soil pennied out, I bought over 200 items, you may say thats selfish, but next year the church greenhouse will be glorious and families in need of food can actually get healthy food instead of some outdated box of junk food. So many donation centers have such strict policies these days and people in need dont get the help. They want your current income tax receipts??? I made great money last year, well over 40k, I got hurt, had to have knee surgery, lost my job, lost my house and everything in it. I tried to get food and help from a donation center and was told I made too much money the previous year to receive help. Basically, its good some dg donate, but I would rather donate myself….that way I can help ANYONE who is in need.

    • Moemoe says

      Also, those of you that complain about people intentionally “hiding stuff” yeah shame on them, but if you work there or manage there, keep your store organized and zoned. I worked in retail for years and my employees knew it was part of their daily tasks to walk through the store and put like items back with like items….so if you see something out of place, put it back. You are able to get to every place a customer can, plus some.

  84. DjPixie says

    I do not understand how finding penny items and buying them is a scam? The customer does not set prices and it is not our fault that these items are still on the shelf. People when you are out on the hunt for these Penny items please remember to be kind to the DG employees. They work extremely hard and are under appreciated. DG employee rude. do no respond back with negativity. We all have bad days, overworked, and could you imagine having tons of people coming in looking for penny items/ Then when they don’t ring up a penny just leave the cashier with cart full of items to be put back on shelf. Respond with a smile, little conversation, and wish them a great day. Be a blessing to them! If you take item to check out and they do not ring up a Penny then kindly return the items back to the correct shelves. I just recently found Penny items during the big sale that DG had and I will be honest, I grab all that I find. I will also tell you that I donate to ,y local Volunteer and Information center and Churches. I also keep and pass out to my family members. No one has the right to judge my actions, call me a thief, scammer, etc.

    • Penny Pup says

      Just leaving this right here for you guys if you are interested.

      The valet service of penny shopping :)

  85. Ignorant People. says

    What I think is wrong is someone saying working at DG is an unacceptable job. ANY job is a good job, asshole. Atleast they aren’t living off the system or using our tax dollars to sit at home eating their fridge full of groceries and selling drugs out of the housing system.

  86. kay haley says

    question: how does one find out, or where does a person go to see the most recent DG penny tiems? everyone talks about what they found and bought, but I cannot find a list of these items from week to week. people are seeing the items somewhere to know……!!

  87. Tanya Ladatto says

    Sorry for all the typos this phone is new. Paid $500 for it and it is hard to figure out. Lol! To the so-call paralegal you couldn’t do the job we do at Dollar General. I promise you that.Trust me. You wouldn’t be able to figure out the hht, planagrams,putting up stock,check vendors in. Not to mention,take care of customers all at the same time. I guarentee,you wouldn’t be able to multi task the way we do as worker’s @ DG. I can do your job. I have done it. Pretty easy being an attorney’s peon! Writing down what the attorney tells you is simple. Paralegals don’t even go to court. Lol! My 2 year old granddaughter could do your job.your attitude stinks.Everyone that works @ DO works very hard. They do have great benefits to. I’m fortunate that my husband is a long time firefighters on a huge dept. He is now a cheif,with a college degree retiring in 2 years. We also run our own business and have done so for 15 years. Karma is a batch ms paralegal!!! You are not any better than anyone. You need to stop thinking you are before someone really puts you in your place.The end of the line!!!

  88. linda says

    Wow if you all knew how silly you sound so what someone finds a penny item it happens maybe a few if it rings up that way by law yes you have to sell it corporate says and yes i work in a corp but why fuss about it any employes its not coming out of your pocket

  89. mindy says

    Hey sweetie..are all the colors on the tags still the same? Also thanks for the info.. Love it

  90. It'sa crime says

    It should be illegal to purchase things for a penny, if you know about it prior to the transaction. You visit several stores because you know about the penny items, is that not the same as selling your stock because you know the price is going to drop. People who do that get prosecuted.

  91. kim says

    question. so if I go in there and these items are marked with these dots they have to sell them for a penny whether the tag says a penny or not?

  92. Haley says

    I’m a shift manager at DG and we have a horrible problem with people suspecting these items to be pennying out soon, so they’ll hide them. We’ve found items under the bottom shelves, shoved in coolers/trash cans, shoved behind merchandise on the shelf, etc. My DM makes us identify penny shoppers and follow them around the store. If any penny items are pulled from weird places, we deny the sale. Also, we reserve the right to use our handheld device to price check items instead of using the register, therefore I ALWAYS lie and say penny items are at full price. Can I get in trouble? Nope. What you don’t realize is that stumbling upon items is one thing, intentionally hiding them from their designated spaces so that they won’t be pulled is different. Also, I always try to say that I cannot sell a penny item because sometimes the customer won’t fight me, but if they do, I go ahead and sell it to them. We don’t follow the one item rule. As many items as you find, you can purchase for 1¢. We do however lose our bonuses, which is ridiculous considering our penny shoppers hide items so we can’t find them to pull them in the first place. As a DG employee, I consider all penny shoppers to be trash and scumbags. They’ll lie and say they’re donating the items, then start groups on facebook to make a profit. But I have news for you. No one wants to buy clothes from Dollar General when they’re sitting on the shelves, and no one wants to buy them from your facebook page either. They’re ugly, trashy clothes. Baby clothes are different, I suppose, but still.. Are you really proud of that? And is it even worth it? How much money can you possibly make? It’s pathetic and we all view you as losers. Even if your comeback is that you donate these items, there’s such a thing called Goodwill or the Salvation Army… Maybe even try a garage sale!! Seriously. You’re doing this in spite of the store and its employees. We consider penny shopping to be theft. The penny items we pull off the sales floor are donated or sent back to corporate, then the store is refunded. When you buy that one cent baby outfit so you can sell it for $5 on facebook, my store loses money and I don’t get my bonus. So here’s a thought: Stop being a tightwad and go pay 25¢ at a garage sale or less a piece for a bundle of clothes if your heart is in it to donate them, don’t STEAL from a store. The only reason it’s allowed is because the store doesn’t want to deny a sale and lose a customer, it doesn’t mean it’s right to do.

  93. says

    there will be a new policy to come in to effect in the next few months that ALL dollar general workers have to refuse all penny items I was told today by human resources at dollar general and all workers will be notified of penny items to pull off shelf ,just an insider tip im a district manager

  94. Isabella, a hard working, diligent, responsible, independent individual says

    As a store manager I think it’s pathetic that people only come in for penny items then continue to argue with you when the items they thought were a penny…ring up full price. And I know it’s always welfare people and those on ebt. Get a real job..stop sitting on your ass researching penny items and mooching off the government.

  95. Worker says

    Ok I am a Dg manager and as of today policy over penny items is if a customer finds them and it is in their cart we sell them to u but we do have the right to refuse u if u go back to get more they have to be in ur cart at check out an different dgs do different things with pennies out items when we pull them we are supposed to donate to the local school or church or send some items back to be retagged but some stores do unfortunately still just throw them away and penny items are still flagged in our system but for the most part we don’t get in trouble for selling them but for all the people that get mad at Dg employees for not wanting to sell them to u u need to understand most of the time u r dealing with a cashier and they may not always know the policy they have to do what they r told have some patience with them they r only doing there job. Now I have no problem with most penny shoppers I do have a problem with the people who want to grab merchandise and hide it or destroy my store looking for penny items and I have a big problem with people who get mad at me and my employees because something u thought was a penny isn’t we don’t control the prices all we can do is ring it up and tell u the price that our system has it listed as

  96. Brittany says

    I work at @ dg & also shop there . It doesn’t matter if customers get penny items
    We should have been doing the job!!! Period . As a customer I spend good percent of check in there I would love to fiND a penny item
    God bless u all

  97. cleffman says

    You know . I could understand the penny shoppers who actually donate to a worthy need. But not the ones who resale it for a profit! I sell everything that come across my register as t’s priced. I have one customer who donates l to shelters and the homeless, I can see that, To me depends on your intentions!

  98. shannon says

    I have been an assistant manager of dollar general for four years and now a store manager and i will tell u if my cashier rings up a penny item they have to sell only what they have rang up and price check the rest no other penny items will be sold. Our sop says to only sale what is rang up and that is it. So i welcome u to my store u wont get any here. :)))))

  99. Grimmy says

    You won’t get much at my store, I pull the items when I’m told to and check items that are 90% off regularly. Sometimes the company wants us to return certain items to the whse. Other things get donated locally. If you find it, I will sell it to you.

  100. george says

    I also work at a DG store. My RM informed us to sell the .01 items. He would prefer that we get them before the customers do but just to sell them. In my store they either get boxed up and sent back to corporate or donated to charities or churches. Its not that we are not doing our jobs most of the time its a miscommunication from corp. to us on what is all suppose to be included. I’ve worked at DG for 8 yrs and I keep my job because I like my job and the people I work with and the majority of the customers that shop there. I apologize to the people who were treated badly by DG employees. But in some cases put yourself in their position would you listen to someone that you don’t know who doesn’t work for your company telling you what your companies policies are when people are constantly trying to get something for nothing and scamming your store. No they should not have been rude and probably could have handled it much better. I was resently in this situation for the 1st time in 8 yrs and knowing that if someone brought a item or a few items that rang up for .01 to sell it to them and to pull the rest off the shelf, but not sure of what to do when they brought up a ton of things . So I told the lady I would have to call my manager and ask her. I was calling her right there at the register so she could at least hear my side of the conversation. My store is in a small town that I have lived in all my life( if I don’t know the person they know me or my family) I had never seen this lady before that moment. She makes the comment ” its company policy” (sounding irritated ) The first thing that pops into my head is SCAMMER! I told her I am sure she will tell me to go ahead and sell them but I just want to cover my self for sure. REALLY!!! Your getting more merchandice then I can by with a weeks worth of my pay for less then a $1.00 you can’t wait a minute ? I apologized for asking her to wait a couple of times. Yes the manager told me to go ahead and finish the sell. But the policy that we were taught when we started was not to sell it policy changed when corporate changed hands a few yrs ago. That might be where some of the confusion comes in. For those of you that took your finds and donated them THANK YOU for getting them to the people in need may god bless you and yours, for those that needed them I’m glad you found them and I hope your future is much brighter then your past. I ask that you plz have a little patience with the cashiers some of the problems that happen isn’t their fault a smile goesca long ways.

  101. Lizz says

    I love the way you worded and handled this. I just recently found out about this and the first thing that popped into my head way buying whatever I can for charity. So far I have not been very lucky. But I love that DG does not throw this stuff away either.

  102. The Manager says

    George, i salute you sir, i am a key at a DG, and i wish all my cashiers were like you ! :-)

  103. says

    I just spoke to a manager of a DG in my town that just recently opened and our convo was about just this and I agree with your post completely. She informed me that selling the penny items no longer red flags them and i am so happy to hear that! The situation is hard for all because the employees are trying to keep their jobs and we feel like we won the lottery when we find penny items lol. Hopefully from here on out it will be better and easier on all involved. I never wanted anyone to get in trouble but I also never wanted anyone to not let me buy the items I was told I could buy.

  104. DAnonymous says

    Actually DG throws away quite a bit I actually got a box of over twenty brand new shoes from their dumpster and before that I had gotten 7 pairs of boots.

  105. tery says

    I used to work for DG my manager donated the items to the schools and churches we never threw anything away. If it was not for the employees at DG putting the stock away and keeping up with the store customers would not be able to shop. The employees are just like everyone else I worked there for 3 years it paid my bills.

  106. DGmanager says

    Anytime an item rings up a penny it is red flagged. I looked at the ebr list yesterday, penny sales are still on there. However, most (not all) dms and rds don’t make a big deal out of it. I’ve had 2 dms and 4 rds and I’ve never gotten into trouble for selling penny items. We are a busy store without enough hours, things get missed. Also Corp doesn’t always loop us to the penny items so it happens.

  107. TJ says

    The pple who come in for penney items I would never consider them customers. A customer buys items where they get a product and we get enough to cover our costs for the items. If the company doesnt make a profit off the person buying items in the store they are not a customer as far as i can see and should be band for waisting every1s time. I personaly do not care if its the companies fault for not taking the items off the shelves. The pple who come in a rob the place of penney items and do not allow the company to make a profit are scum.

  108. Melissa says

    As of today my store manager said that items will no longer be pennying out. They will stay at last reduced price for 3 weeks after PRP.( product recovery process) then they will go back up to full price. If this is true and it came from the DM …. then DG workers, all our worries about silly little penny items may just go away! Lol


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