Toys R Us/ Babies R Us 72ct+ Diapers Only $4.00 And Free Wipes

Photo Credit: Coupon_Whore
Photo Credit: Coupon_Whore On Instagram

Toys R Us/ Babies R Us 72ct+ Diapers Only $4.00 And Free Wipes

Babies R Us/Toys R Us has Value Pack Diapers for $10.00.  Inside the box is a coupon booklet with a $6.00 coupon that is good on the only on 72ct or higher diapers.

Here’ how the deal would work

Babies R Us Value Box Diapers $10.00 72 Ct or Higher (Sizes 1-4)
Use $6.00 coupon found inside box
Only 1 coupon is needed regarless of how many you get because it will take $6.00 off each box.
Pay $4.00 Per Box

Photo Credit: 29Lawanna
Photo Credit: 29Lawanna

Also When you buy Babies R Us Value Box Wipes 432 ct or higher You will save $10.00
The 432 Ct Is $9.99

So here how to get the best bang for your buck

Babies R Us/ Value Box Diapers $10.00
Babies R Us Value Box Wipes 432 Ct $9.99

Use $6.00 coupon found inside box  good on 72 ct or higher
$10 Will be deducted instantly from the total per set
Only 1 diaper coupon is needed regarless of how many you get because it will take $6.00 off each box.
Pay $3.99 

Thanks, Coupon_ Whore  On IG

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24 thoughts on “Toys R Us/ Babies R Us 72ct+ Diapers Only $4.00 And Free Wipes

  1. My $10 is not automatically taken off and my coupon is only taken off 1 (I bought 9). Do you know why?

  2. what city/state are you in? I couldn’t find the diapers for that price before when I’ve looked

    1. Cate, mine were in the aisle way…when i looked for them down the regular asile the $10 value packs werent there…they were on sale in th emiddle by clothes.

      also EVERYONE, THE COUPONS SAY OVER 72 count, not just 72 count, so i bought 76 and 80 count diapers and found the wipes in the regular aisle..but my toys r us even had the jean skull design diapers on clearance for $15 for a 90 count and you can buy those too…i think for the deal…but look for the mark down pile

      1. I will have to go back and check again tomorrow because I only looked down the regular asile and they didn’t have them there! Also how do you know what boxes the coupons are in, do they say they have coupons inside? I opened a few different boxes and found nothing then felt stupid! haha

  3. i had a problem when i went there, i just got back but they had to manually input the wipes as a penny and the diapers at 10.00 since the special didnt take. THen they scanned my $6.00 off coupons..i bought 7 sets and paid $35

  4. I did this today bought 4 boxes used one coupon! But im seeing alot of ppl having a problem with getting free wipes! 🙁 i dont like having to deal with that and saw the purple boxes of wipes are 13.99 each do u think i could buy 4 boxes of pampers (size4) and get the 4 boxes of wipes in the purple box for the 13.99 and use the $6 off coupon for the pampers nd still get the 10$ off each box of wipes? The wipes wont be free but still pretty cheap… #newbiecouponer

  5. Thank you so much Greg for your time & clarification I understand that you are taking time out your day & life to he kind & help out I have a 5 mo old baby & diapers are in demand not only have you helped me save money but I was able to bless others with the multitude of diapers purchased again thank you is not enough!!!!!! For your kindness have a Great night

  6. i have a question do i have to buy a box of diapers at regular price to get the coupon out of the box?

  7. I went to toys r us and they told me its for the supremes only. I only found 1 box too and it was open with coupons taken out 🙁

  8. They wouldn’t honor my 6.00 coupon, saying it can’t be combined with any other babies r us offer. And a lot of boxes were open with the coupon flyer missing. Anyone else have the coupon not be accepted?

  9. At one store they didn’t accept the promo so I just bought 3 boxes of diapers for $15 out the door, but at another store last night I got there 2 minutes before closing, grabbed a box of diapers and wipes and headed for checkout. I swear, I have never had a more smooth, seamless transaction… I wish I had gotten a lot more but I was happy paying the $4 total for both the wipes and the diapers

  10. I went to toys r us to get the diapers and wipe deal. I had four of each and one coupon for $6 off. They didn’t scan for $10 off so I had to explain the sign they had and the deal. The manager came over and told me it was either $6 off diapers or $10 off both. That they couldn’t do both. So I ended up not getting any and went home and emailed toys r us to clear it up and see why they couldn’t do it. This was there reason…..We regret any inconvenience you have experienced; however, our policy is that two promotions cannot be combined to purchase one item. A promotion is considered to be any discount offered on an item, whether that discount is in the form of a sale, a promotional gift card, a free gift card or a coupon. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

  11. I went in to my bru again with my sister in law and decided let me see if it would go through. No issues what so ever. The cashier just scanned the diapers and wipes $10 was deducted then I handed her my rewards card and the $6.00 coupon. It scanned no issue. I got 4 sets. Then sister in law went back in and she got 4sets also(all they had left) I didn’t get the free bottle b/c they were all out. But that coupon doesn’t expire til July so I’ll just keep checking. Thanks again MrGreg for sharing this deal!

  12. I got a fantastic deal! I bought 3 boxes of diapers and 3 boxes of wipes for $6 total! I did the deal when you buy one if each, you save $10, which brought the total from $60 to $30 for all 6. Then, the $6 coupon off the diapers -$18 =$12. plus in the same coupon flyer as the diapers, there was a $2 off wipes 432 ct which -$6 which brought my grand total for all 6 items to $6!!! I would have bought more but I needed size 4 and they only had the three boxes.

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