CVS: Potential 10 Free Bottles of Pantene Products + $10 Gas Card Free Starting 7/1

Starting 7/1

Pantene items will be part of the CVS Gas Card Promotion. The Red Box/ Coupon Machine or whatever you may call it is printing out a $2.00 Off Shampoo, Conditioner, Or Styler (Excludes Pro Salon) coupon. The coupon has printed everyday so far this weeks. If scan your card everyday this week this will be an awesome deal for you.

Here’s how the deal works.

Buy 10 Pantene Hair Products $3.25 Each
Total $32.50

Use (6) $2.00 Off Shampoo,Conditioner or Styling Aid CVS Coupons
Use (5) $3/2 Pantene SS Insert 06/24/2012 (exp 07/31/2012)
Or (5) $3/2 Pantene P&G Insert 05/13/2012 (exp 06/30/2012)
Pay $2.50
Get Back a $10 Gas Card

If you have a $4/$20, $5/20 etc then the deal will be even better for you.

You will have to break your transaction up because P&G limits 4 like coupons per transaction.

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16 thoughts on “CVS: Potential 10 Free Bottles of Pantene Products + $10 Gas Card Free Starting 7/1

  1. So I get 4 products and use 2 cvs printables along with( 2) $3/2 manufa coupons , and make this purchace twice. Next get two more and stack the coupons again using 2 cvs and 1 manufa. Do all this with 1 card and get a 10 gas card? Is that the order to do it?

    1. 1st transaction get 8 products $3.25 each
      Total $26.00

      Use (4) $3.00/2 Coupons
      and (5) $2.00 Red Box Coupon
      Pay $1.00

      2nd Tranaction
      Buy 2 Pantenes
      Use (1) $3/2
      and (1) $2 Red Box Coupon
      Pay $1.50
      Get Back $10 Gas Card

  2. Oh ok, so do you think we will get (5) to print for one card? I have never had multiple coupons print from the red box, if so this will be an amazing deal!!

    1. Yes, I already have two from Monday and Tuesday (got one Sunday too but I used it to buy Head & Shoulders towards the gas card deal).

  3. omg im too lazy to go get my card scanned, im gonna kick myself when i see everyone showing off their deal. i need to get off my butt and run to cvs but i doubt i will do it silly me

  4. I just when to cvs and no couopons printed from the red box machine, can you just let me know if this happened to someone else too or should i go to a different cvs?

  5. hello my manufacturing coupons say four per transaction. so how will i do my transactions . i will need to do three different trans. correct

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